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Saturday, October 1, 2005

What have I been knitting?

afghan in foliage
What have I been knitting? Trying out the Blogger for Word feature, I’ll write in Word and see if it uploads. So, here we go.

As I said earlier, I made LOTS of scarves to sell at a boutique on South Congress that features only the work of local “artists.” I am enjoying being thought of as an artist. However, in order to get me a reasonable amount plus their commission, the price is, well, to me, pricey. I hope some rich people came by this month. I made a combination of Eros scarves and various types of fluffy yarns, plus a few with textures. It was a great opportunity to try out a variety of yarns. One, Foliage, made me so happy that…

I have made two things from that yarn already! One is a very bright afghan out of mitered squares, which I am sending (any second now) to my friend, Marcia, who has a new house with brightly colored walls. The pattern is in the Berocco book that has a dog sweater on the cover, but I just read the instructions and winged it from there, and I added a crochet border. The other item is a rather interesting looking vest (from the Berocco web site) in blues and greens and purples that I just finished today. I hadn’t planned to actually make the border, then said, “Oh, what the heck,” and I ended up liking it.

I’ve also made quite a few felted items, most of which have already been given away. One very large bag has taught me that perhaps Lopi is too thick for the Lucy bag. I think its intended recipient will like it, once I surgerize the extremely long main strap that didn’t felt too well (not surprised at that). The bag is for a man with MS, who needs both hands to go up and down stairs. He will use the bag to carry items up and down. I am considering asking the friend who commissioned it if she wants me to try again in Cascade.

black and white sockAnd of course I have made lots of socks. They are so nice for sitting on busses, sitting at football games, waiting at doctor’s offices, dealing with church meeting stress, etc. I will just show one here—the rest I will add to my knitting portfolio page eventually (maybe today if I am not totally exhausted from high school band parenting).

And booties! Cute little baby booties that will be given away at a shower tomorrow. I am very proud of the blue ones, which I used to learn how to do figure 8 cast on. That let me make the entire thing in one piece. Ooh, ahh. Both bootie patterns are from the Knitting Pattern a Day calendar. I think both are in the 2006 one. The 2005 calendar had the pattern for the socks in the picture from September 30.

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