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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey from NC

Tree Face
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I'm in North Carolina right now, doing some training work. It's going OK. I am enjoying doing things in the evenings, since our hostess is a really sweet woman who has showed us around this very quaint town. It's down the road from where my dad used to live, but I'd never been here before. She showed us her yard, which has two ponds, and a large assortment of interesting trees, because the previous owners owned a nursery. Her husband does pottery (lots of that around here--we are near Seagrove, NC, which is chock full of potteries).

I talked to my dad, and he's looking forward to seeing us. I hope Lee makes it--he is driving all day today and tomorrow. But now I am sleepy. I hope to post again soon!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun at Home and Elsewhere

Pilar Re-Knitting
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I've had a nice weekend so far, with my wonderful Tuba Boy home, and the usual wonderful Lee. I also had a nice time at the yarn shop today. I told Pilar, who is in this picture, that I would blog it, because she had me laughing so much at one point. I decided to post here rather than to the public knitting blog, because the story is a little racy.

Pat was teaching a new person to knit, and I was "helping" (didn't feel like earning the money, so I helped her pick yarn, cool new Cascade hand dyed yarn, and was giving additional advice and help when Pat was busy. Pilar was "working," though we didn't have many customers. So mostly she was reknitting the arms of her sweater, again (they were NOT pretty as bell sleeves.) She is a good reknitter.

The new knitter, who was a really friendly person, had finished her first row of knitting, and Pat was giving her the standard little speech about being careful with the first stitch of a row, not to pull the yarn over the needle, or it will look like two stitches. She demonstrated what that looked like. Pilar got a shocked look on her face, and demo-ing with her needles said, "Oh no, you'd NEVER lift her up like that! That would reveal her private parts! You never want to show your stitch's Hoo-Ha!" Well, at "Hoo-Ha" we all cracked up. Especially when we realized it did sorta look like a "Hoo-Ha," Pilar quickly explained it was like lifting up her skirt--you just don't do that to a lady. The new student, between gasps of laughter, declared she would never, ever, forget this important knitting advice. I am glad she had such a good sense of humor.

Jody showed up later, and I don't know if she thought it was as funny as the rest of us did.

I finally went home after a nice time chatting, and packed and cleaned in preparation for leaving for a work trip and vacation, so my next post will be from North Carolina. The intrepid Tina will be guarding the fort and dogs at home. THANK YOU, Tina. And Jared.

Jody came by later and I showed her all the new rooms. We do that a lot. And when Tuba Boy's friend came over, he proudly showed him the new rooms. I was touched--realized he DID care and was proud of what we had done.

And I finished my new short-sleeved sweater in time to wear it in the chilly airport and plane! Photo on knitting blog!

Friday, June 22, 2007

On a Lighter Note

Ha, no one ever comments on my deep philosophical posts. Probably takes too much thought, or no one wants to come out and say what a whack job those posts make me seem to be. Just kidding. Lee did mention how organized my rants are. It always comes out that way--I even do extemporaneous speeches that come out with beginnings, middle, ends and themes tht wend their way through. I have absolutely no clue how that happens, either. It just pops out. I will attempt to be less serious for a bit now.

I am really, really happy that today's my last day in the office for a while, and that tonight Tuba Boy will come home! Since I've hardly spoken to him in a month, that is really good news. I hope he talks some during the whole day we get to spend together! He's off to debate camp on Sunday, and I am off to Sanford, North Carolina to do some work. Then off to see Poppy Prince and Flo in High Point, with Beccano and Lee. It will be fun. I miss my dad so much. And I think he will like Lee and vice versa. OK, I have mentioned that already in here, let's move on.

I can't wait to get a lot of knitting done, either. Lots of yarn will be in my suitcase! It goes pretty slow now, with all the work Lee and I do at home. Though this week we have engaged in a bit of vegging in our lovely new media room. That has felt so...normal. Sigh. And that is so wonderful. I still can't believe that I have found someone so wonderful to share my life with--just right for me, and that's what counts. And I am relieved that the kids like him, too.

Now, if the darned dog would just stop breaking out of the house, all would be well. Rose just moves from one irritating habit to another. We are glad she isn't so much into chewing these days, but...clawing her way out of the yard ALSO is not good.

This post had basically no content.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Reminder of How Life Works

Here is a picture of one of my favorite places, other than the new media room. The local yarn shop (LYS). And two wonderful friends there (K, I can blank out your head if you don't want it there).

Friends. I've been thinking about friendship and transitions a lot. My friends are really important to me, and one thing that an upset me a lot is thinking I have not been a good friend to someone. And I feel good when I know I have been a good friend. Like last night at the LYS, where K. over there and I both needed to just unload some stuff. We went to the back of the store and unloaded. Sometimes you just need someone to listen to you and not judge you, even when you are talking about times when you are not at your best, things that confuse you, or your regrets. I am glad to have had such a friend show up right when she was needed! I've made such good friends at this place--the owner (the other woman in the picture) has done a great job building a community of varied but generally kind souls.

Being a Friend When It's Hard. Some of those souls at the LYS have been challenging, and here's where I wonder how good a friend I have been. This week we lost a former colleague at the shop, a woman who'd had a hard time in her life, and sometimes didn't do a good job coping. And who had some "interesting" habits that could get on your nerves (examples excised). We all listened to her as much as we could, and tried to help, but none of that was enough--she just couldn't cope with all the challenges and injustices in her life. Was I a good enough friend to her? I don't think so. I was impatient a lot, even when I had empathy. I felt like, hey, I had similar issues and I handled them, so should she. But really, everyone copes differently--what is manageable to one person may not be to another. What seemed an obvious choice to me did not to her. I just hope a few of the things I said to her helped, a little. And the things our other friends did and said, especially one who was so, so patient and kind to her when she didn't have to be--I hope they eased her pain a little bit, at least for a while. And I am sort of relieved her pain in this life is over. I don't know if I could have coped in her situation, either.

What makes me say "grr": I see so many women I know in pain, having so much trouble just surviving, just because they chose to stay home with their kids, then had no "skills" when their husbands moved on to younger, prettier, or just different women. I get so angry at society (not the guys, really, most don't set out to hurt anyone else) for penalizing women for wanting to raise their own children, for paying women less all around, and for stacking the deck against single people in general. I am fine--I had an education and marketable skills when my marriage dissolved, and it has all worked out fine--everyone's happier now. But, among my circle of friends, especially those in the organization where I used to work and volunteer, there are so many not that lucky. Some hang on in marriages that are miserable for all involved, others run to the next person they can find, quick, without taking the time to make sure it is the RIGHT person...some fall between the cracks. Sigh.

Fairness. Well, who said life is fair? No one. It isn't. It's why I could not watch the V for Vendetta movie Lee was watching last night (Beccno's favorite--what an odd boy). Too much death of innocent folks who were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Too much power madness, which reminds me too much of those in charge in the country where I live. Too much death--a thing I am not uncomfortable with, thanks to my spiritual path, but that bothers me when one human does not value another's life equally to theirs. Too much unfairness. Most days I cope; some days I hit a wall and it seems like too much.

Balance. It's all about cycles. Things are good for me. They aren't for others. When I was a mess, some others were flying high. And most of the time there's both good and bad for all of us. It all balances out. There's birth as well as death, hope as well as despair. That's what our wonderful friends are here to remind us of. All those things. To help keep us grounded, centered, and balanced as the ups and downs of the world go on around us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Garden Progress

Second Tomato
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Things are just so happy these days. We are enjoying our new room ( and did NO heavy lifting yesterday--I made a huge pot of jambalaya, we ate it, then we relaxed, like "normal" people). It's so nice to see how happy Lee is lately, too. To think that being with me actually makes someone happy just warms my heart. And I feel so comfortable and happy with someone compatible sharing my life. Aah.

Things in the back yard are less perfect, thanks to a hailstorm a couple of weeks ago. And some bug. it ate ALL the marigolds and cilantro. I mean, to the NUBS. I didn't catch it, either! But, the bug didn't like tomatoes. We have a couple ripening right now, which is exciting. Figures, just when we are about to go on vacation, we get what little crops we are going to get! I hope Jeff will pick anything that ripens when we are gone. The tomatoes have a few hail holes, but are fine otherwise. And we have actually eaten two of our peppers.

Natually, there is still the evil vine issue. The grapevine has come back with a vengeance and even knocked over one of my gnomes. I will have a lot of hacking to do when I get home from vacation (can ya tell I look forward to leaving town?). It will be time to refocus on the outdoors!

Of course, to leave town I have to have a lot of training materials prepared. So this week, work is intense. The trip is disorganized (no agenda, no directions to the place), but now three of us are going, so we can be confused together.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Exhausted, but Triumphant

Media Room Complete
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We're exhausted because we worked ourselves to the bone this weekend. But the following items were accomplished:

1. Media Room complete other than little decor things
2. Beccano's room complete other than ONE curtain
3. Most of Lee's large furniture has been transported to our house

The moving is what was hard. Tina and Mr. Tina rented a truck to move the rest of her stuff, so we offered to split it with them. (We ended up applying the rental to what she owes us.) So, when they were done, after already working a long time on Beccano's room, we hauled ourselves to Granger and started lifting heavy objects.

Lee has an interesting coffee table that has a spring mechanism in it that rises to dining height. It also has a lot of drawers. This makes it even heavier than a sofabed. We have decided NOT to put it upstairs--it would kill us. His mattress is also interesting to move. it is a large, specially made futon that weighs at least 100 pounds, and it like trying to transport heavy jello. The other heavy objects (writing desk and chest of drawers) would not have been bad for two dudes to move. A dude and a small, weak woman...well, at least I helped marginally. And got some interesting bruises.

Beccano's new bed did not frustrate Lee anywhere near as much as he thought it would, and it came out well (see photo below). I am really happy with what we did with that room, and now can just HOPE he doesn't immediately trash it. He's older now. He can tidy after himself.

The media room, as you can see, looks really nice with the second denim couch installed. We want to bring in a coffee table to set drinks and feet on, but it may not be roomy enough for that. We also brought in the dresser that used to be in the guest room, and I put a lot of knitting yarn in it. Eventually that will cause the master bedroom to look better, but I am still working on that tidying process. Please look at the Flickr photos to see the writing desk of Lee's that we put in the back of the room (and Beccano room pix). We got the festive mirrors up above the television cabinet (which WILL get a bigger TV eventually), but we have no other wall art. That will be next.

The only regret is that I didn't get much done on Tuba Boy's room, other than stripping the beds so they can be removed. I'll work on it some this week and finish while he's at debate camp. This way, maybe he can request a wall color or something.

So, that's about it. Other than eating one nice dinner, we worked all weekend. Glad to be sitting at my desk, using my brain, not my brawn today.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Boyfriend Is Funny

ELAB Being Goofy
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I gave Lee a beautiful Tiffany lamp for Father's Day (secretly it's a gift for the media room, but I needed an excuse). This is the FIRST thing he did with his new gift. I totally cracked up at his expression here. I sure am glad I got that new camera, heh heh.

It was a good evening of just lounging and being in love, and it has been a good day at work (about to go home), with lots of training,l earning and interacting with people. I like that part. I am really enjoying doing the live trainings.

Plus, I talked to Beccano and Tuba Boy. Not much cheers me up as much as that!

Looking forward to a good evening at the home of our friends the Osbornes, too!

There is a nice lamp photo plus a picture of our first crop from our garden, a pepper, on the Flickr pages. Just go to the sidebar or directly click the links.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Shout Out to Little Rock Blog Lover

Someone in Little Rock, Arkansas seems to visit all my blogs multiple times per day. Perhaps that person might want to spend some time away from the Internet and listen to some music. My friend Eddie, whose website I do, will be playing some bluegrass near Little Rock/Sherwood on Friday:

Friday, June 15th, 7:00 - 9:30 PM. Eddie Collins on banjo, mandolin and guitar, with Tom Duplissey on guitar and other guests. A special concert at The Pickin' Porch Music Store in Conway, Arkansas (just North of Little Rock off HWY 65 in "Pickles Gap" - 501-336-9499). $10 at the door.

I suspect the blog visitor likes bluegrass.

As for Eddie, he has great books on how to play various bluegrass instruments, and some very enjoyable CDs, if you feel like browsing. You can also find him very often at Artz Rib House in Austin. Where all the cool musicians over 45 hang out.

New Media Room's Debut

New Media Room
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OK, here are the first shots of the room Lee and I have been working on for the past two weeks.

The camera seems to have some dust on the lense (it just came out of the box), but otherwise, I am happy with it. Glad it finally arrived! It is so small and light.

We are really happy with the curtains and how well they match the red, and there are pillows on the blue couch that bring in the darker red of Lee's wing chair. Later, the two chairs will be replaced by Lee's denim couch (when we manage to get it here), and the red chair will go over by the window. Not sure what we will do with the little rocker--maybe it will be in a knititng nook.

There is more room behind the chairs. That will hold Lee's writing desk and two more large bookcases. We will be hanging mirros above the tv cabinet, and hope to put a widescreen television in when funds are available.

Still, even in its partially finished state, we love the room. It is warm and comfortable, and the new speaker system sounds wonderful. We tweaked it a bit when Jeff came over to dinner last night. Nice to know Mr. Sound Expert.

Poor Jeff hadn't had a real meal since he moved out (the oven is not hooked up in his new house), so Lee cooked pasta for us, while I taught Jeff how to use Dreamweaver. He wants to maintain his own websites, and I think it's a good idea--it is a marketable skill, and something he could do for money later on. From home. And that decreases my workload a bit.

I'm not posting photos of the kids' rooms in progress, so their stuff can be a surprise!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back in the US of A

Yay! My phone just rang and it was a very familiar voice (with a lot of background noise). Beccano called from the Chicago airport! Ooh, it was nice to talk to him! He told me a little about what they did (amusing, as usual, he told about three details from two weeks of travel). But, he said he took lots of pictures with the old digital camera, and I really look forward to seeing them--photos always get them talking.

I also talked to Tuba Boy, and he is still being silly--I hope that isn't wearing thin on his NC family. I find him very funny, but somewhat random these days. It's great to hear him sounding cheerful, though.

Whew, I missed them so, so much. I know they had fun, and am happy they got to see the Irish relatives (I miss them, too!). I hope they have fun in North Carolina and get some good R&R after all that travel. But, yay, I will at least get to talk to them.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Just Saying Howdy

Not much exciting to report, other than home improvements, so I thought I'd say howdy to you readers. I guess it is nice to have nothing hugely major to report every once in a while!

Lee spent a lot of time over the weekend working on the media room, and it is now completely painted, has curtains, and even matching pillows we found at IKEA. Poor Lee, I forgot how badly he does in disorganized crowds, and IKEA on a Saturday is probably the worst example of such a thing. I share his issue to an extent, and get around it by focusing very hard what I came for. He was a bit traumatized, but soldiered on, knowing I needed to get certain items so we could work on the kids' rooms next.

And I did get items! A nice new daybed for Beccano, plus sheets that look somewhat like bubbles, so should match his "rain" theme room. His room will look really sharp once we put up shelves for his action figures, hang the picture, and put up the really nice curtains we also got for him. I hope it will inspire more neatness.

We also got nice new covers for the double bed in the guestroom, which will be for Tuba Boy. His room is on the agenda after I finish the office/family room. I feel good--we have made nice progress.

The only other excitement is I did a knitting workshop on Sunday, with Louisa Harding, a designer whose work hasn't thrilled me much in the past, but whose yarns I like a lot. We worked on a little bag using a lot of her yarns (it was like a feeding frenzy with women picking out which yarns they wanted!). The only negative was someone making off with my purple knitting scissors with the crystal ends. Or they got VERY misplaced (I still hold out hope: the red pen I lost came back). It was interesting hearing this woman talk about her career choices, and how having a family affected them. It was a nice break, and it was good to see so many fellow knitters in one room. But I missed Lee and hustled on home to bond with the media room (and Lee's new surround sound system)!

I've been feeling a bit moody--just worried about Jeff being so alone, my dad feeling down in the dumps, and mostly my kids being gone SO long with no contact. I have never gone so long without even a word from them. Luckily, that should end very soon. Whew. Sometimes I slip into defensive mode, too, like everything I do would bug Lee (remnants from trying so hard to please XH or Jeff but still not quite making the grade), but then I see Lee doing it, and realize that is the thing I am trying to not do, and then we tell each other to relax. Old habits are hard for both of us to break. I guess it's good to know we are all works in progress, and none of us even remotely approaching perfection!

I did an interview for another contract at ALE (my previous contract employer, if you are new) today. Mostly I did it because things were so dismal where I am now, but things have improved here, and they certainly have NOT at ALE. So, we'll see. In fact, today THREE new trainers started in the fun e-business division that sits across from me. At least I am not the only trainer in the building any more.

Any day now I will have a new camera and be able to post media room pix!!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Goody for Me

I give myself this really pretty gold star because I did a good job today in my very first "real" corporate training with a big audience. I managed to turn on the projector, get my screen to display, use the software properly, and make people laugh and smile as I taught them some software they didn't want to learn how to use.

And I got some good suggestions for next week's training, too, so I will do even better next time (my training on how to do training says you will always find room for improvement or you are stale!).

There were at least 50 people in the "carpeted cafeteria" and they all wanted printed handouts. Sigh, there goes the paperless office (I'd uploaded the handouts to the meeting online, so people could print just what they wanted, but noooo.)

I guess what surprised me most was that one woman wrote on her evaluation that she didn't understand where I was on the handouts. Uh, I did not print out the slide show (AKA, "deck" at ALE)--you were supposed to watch me, and then look at the handouts later! So, I guess I will do that thumbnail thing and print the slide show after all.

But I now remember why I like speaking in public. I get so perky when I do so. And I get to talk to people. I even talked to the nice lady who brought me a cookie last week and asked about starting a knitting group here. She said there was nothing at all wrong with it at all! I'll do it on lunch hours! She'd even put up signs for me. Now I am feeling a little more connected. Whew, that has taken quite a while.

Otherwise, both Lee and I have been really tired all week, and he is having a rough time at work, so I am feeling for him. I am hoping we can have a good weekend with just us there.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Not Much to Report

Things are slow here. Just taping the two bigger and more complex walls, emptying out more Dysfunctional Nonprofit Organization materials from the office, and watching HGTV with Tina for the past two evenings.

In good news, I have a couple more interesting things to do at work, and have had some really good meetings, so I am feeling quite positive about what I am doing. I also had a very nice lunch with the contract agency girl yesterday--it is so nice they keep in touch like that! I got Lee and me some yummy brownies from the bakery across the street from here, which was next to the lovely restaurant we ate at, Mood and Food (modern Italian and delicious).

And I broke down and bought a digital camera today, from, so I can take pictures for myself. It's like Jeff's, only newer and with a bigger screen. It was very reasonably priced. I will let Lee get the nicer one with fancy lenses when there is money for that. I also got Lee a special surprise that will be his Father's Day gift (so what if he has not technically fathered any children--he's been a good role model to the man he helped raise and is great to Beccano and Tuba Boy--they have lucked out in the male role model dept. and have their dad, Jeff and Lee all caring about them).

I drove Lee's car to work today, since he is using mine to fetch some furniture from his old house. Ahh, my clutch foot got a break!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Traffic Grumble/Weather Wow

What a day of extremes. Right now the sky is blue as it can be and lovely. It is VERY obvious, however, that not very long ago we had a big ole hail storm. There are leaves under every tree, and one of our pepper plants looks extremely sad. Must have rained very hard, too--all the new grass is flattened to the ground. Even the weather is big in Texas.
(The photo is one Jeff took last year, but it looked just like that last night--the lightning was so bright it made the street lights think it was day for a long time!)

Meanwhile, I left for home at 4:30. I got here at 6:00 pm. Usually I'd be home by 5. Both on the way to work and on the way back there were traffic lights flashing red. It took 45 minutes to get to work, 1.5 hours to get home. The one on the way home was the big bottleneck road even when things are working (Anderson Mill and 620 for you locals). Traffic was backed up going the other way all the way up the shiny new exit ramp from 183.

The thing about stop-and-go traffic is that it is a killer in a manual transmission car. And I had heels on today because I wore a nice outfit with my new sweater! ACK. I may skip the planned decluttering. On the good side, I knitted 6 rows in the traffic (there were LONG periods of not moving at all). I saw a guy give me a thumbs-up, laughing.

Blood Red/Chili Red

I was going to illustrate this with a picture of the color in the new media room, but typing in "chimayo red" only gets you recipes with a particular chili pepper!

This weekend I saw red in so many ways! Most of it was the paint Lee was putting on the walls, which also covered his big toe in such a way that he looked like he'd broken a toe. He did a pretty good job of not getting it on the carpet or wrong walls too much, too.

The other red I saw was not so well behaved. I figured that, with five endless dogs at the house, something would go awry, and sure enough...I'd finally cleared enough of a path in Beccano's room yesterday to get to the couch and take all the money, Lego, pens, and Magic cards out of the slipcover so I could take it down to wash. There was still a lot of food bits and dog hair in it, so I stepped outside to shake the stuff out before washing. I heard a great deal of barking and commotion as I realized all five dogs were trying to get out the dog door at once. When they were finally out, I told Gwynnie she was not a good dog for instigating it (it has been her lately, usually turning on Buddy because he's the slowest-moving quadruped in the bunch).

I went back in and loaded the slipcover and tried to make the washing machine go (it is new to me and has very many buttons and lights). I turned to see Scrunchy and Gwynnie diligently licking away at the carpet, which appeared to be covered by the intensely red paint from the family room. But no, it was blood, which was dripping quite briskly from Gwynnie's ear. I screamed for Lee that, "They hurt my dog!" (I am so dramatic.) Lee came to the rescue and applied pressure to her ear while I wailed and pragmatically cleaned up the mess (yay for Folex, the miracle cleaner). It ended up appearing that some dog, one with teeth smaller than Buddy's but larger than Scrunchy's (hmm, which two shiny black dogs fit that description) totally bit through Gwynnie's ear, but not extremely heinously. Just bad enough. So, all dogs were separated until Tina and Mr. Tina came back from AKON.

Later in the evening, after a big, nasty storm came up, Gwynnie came in the house, all wet and with red all over her face. Oh, poor dear, I thought, and went to clean the blood off of her. Well, it was paint this time! And I got it on my nails where it won't come off! I guess she'd wandered too close to the paint can. She also almost got squished between the sofa and wall. With her newly poor instincts, she seems to run toward trouble rather than away from it.

I think 5 dogs is just too many, and way too hard on the blind dog, who is having enough trouble dealing with the furniture moving constantly in the media room, as it is. I don't know how much longer Gwynnie will be with us, anyway. She now gets lost in her stair count going down, and turns around when she is almost down, going back to the landing to start again. It has to be hard on her.

In other news HEY KIDS READ THIS: Beccano's room is startlingly clean and clutter free, other than the action figure collection. I spent give endless hours collecting the following out of his room, which had no visible floor surface when I started:
  • 8 hot pocket containers
  • 6 paper plates
  • 1 china bowl
  • 1 plastic glass
  • 4 (that's right) good spoons
  • 2 good forks
  • 1 large and 1 small nail clipper
  • 5 dice
  • approximately 2,000 Magic cards, with LOTR, Pokemon and Digimon ones from the olden days thrown in to spice things up. Now most are either in a box or a bin. Oh yeah, I am sure they missed THOSE particular cards...
  • 12 cases for video games and/or DVSs, a large percentage of which were empty or had the wrong disk in them (Tina gets to match them all, plus the family room collection later this week, if she has any time between her NEW job and her old job)
  • approximately 2,000 Lego pieces. Most got put in the Lego bins, which will be in the attic soon
  • 4 beanie babies
  • uncountable wrappers to small candy products
  • uncountable dog/cat hairs (note that we have not had a cat for a few months now)
  • Many books, some squished (all on shelves now)
  • 6 costumes (Halloween, ninja, etc.)
  • 2 masks
  • 8 unmatched socks
  • much clothing (clean is in drawers or HANGING in the closet, which I can now access)

He will have a nice new room with a bed and a comfy chair when he gets home. Maybe he could not destroy it for...a while.

In other news, J (AKA Mr. Tina) was very helpful in moving the heavy couch into the media room. He and Lee took it apart and put it back together, in quite manly fashion. So handy to have the house guests!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ireland Question

Hey, if you're my visitor from Dublin, Ireland, could you post a hello comment or send me an email? I'm just wondering who's visited a few times in the last couple of days! Are you one of the kids (hi kids!), the XH or an ex-relative? In any case, I hope the weather there's good and that (if you are my kids, XH or his spouse) you are having a GREAT trip! I miss the kids, but I know they are not missing all the cleaning and straightening going on here!

Icky and Pretty

The Icky (posted to tarot blog, too): I was grumpy yesterday (so grumpy I didn't post) due to having actually started on the odious task of cleaning up the office and getting rid of a lot of my stuff that I no longer need. What an icky task.

I am getting rid of all the things I used in my old volunteer and work life, and that brings up a lot of tension and irritation, plus it is just so frustrating at first--it looks messier for a while than it did before cleaning, as you move things around and figure out what to do with things. I know at least 2.5 trash bags full of old things have been eliminated, and I got two bags full of books and materials from my old life that I no longer need any more (ain't helping nobody nurse no babies no more). I still have ten notebooks full of organizational magazines to empty (lots of good magazine holders for knitting mags, though), plus there are about 2.5 shelves full of breastfeeding and parenting books that will go to a new home. That will leave space to put books from the family room in here, and for Lee to put some of his office stuff on the shelves. Woo.

But wow, all that clutter adjustment makes a person grumpy. Of course, some of it is MY clutter. Mostly though, it was the disgusting area around the kids' computer that got me down. Dog hair everywhere, bletch.

In good news, we have two red walls (of primer) in the media room. Lee has the more rewarding job--making a pretty room from a plain one. The red I chose looks so pretty on two walls, and will be even more spectacular when the "real" paint goes on! The other two walls will be a golden tan, which should make for a warm and inviting room. we got red curtains and a pretty curtain rod to dress the windows up a bit, too. Can't wait to decorate and bring in the rest of the furniture.

Of course, to get to one of the couches will require starting in on Beccano's room, because we will not be able to get the sleeper sofa out of there without moving a ton of crap he has strewn all over the floor. Lovely boy. Too typically teen in his clutter patterns.