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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun at Home and Elsewhere

Pilar Re-Knitting
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I've had a nice weekend so far, with my wonderful Tuba Boy home, and the usual wonderful Lee. I also had a nice time at the yarn shop today. I told Pilar, who is in this picture, that I would blog it, because she had me laughing so much at one point. I decided to post here rather than to the public knitting blog, because the story is a little racy.

Pat was teaching a new person to knit, and I was "helping" (didn't feel like earning the money, so I helped her pick yarn, cool new Cascade hand dyed yarn, and was giving additional advice and help when Pat was busy. Pilar was "working," though we didn't have many customers. So mostly she was reknitting the arms of her sweater, again (they were NOT pretty as bell sleeves.) She is a good reknitter.

The new knitter, who was a really friendly person, had finished her first row of knitting, and Pat was giving her the standard little speech about being careful with the first stitch of a row, not to pull the yarn over the needle, or it will look like two stitches. She demonstrated what that looked like. Pilar got a shocked look on her face, and demo-ing with her needles said, "Oh no, you'd NEVER lift her up like that! That would reveal her private parts! You never want to show your stitch's Hoo-Ha!" Well, at "Hoo-Ha" we all cracked up. Especially when we realized it did sorta look like a "Hoo-Ha," Pilar quickly explained it was like lifting up her skirt--you just don't do that to a lady. The new student, between gasps of laughter, declared she would never, ever, forget this important knitting advice. I am glad she had such a good sense of humor.

Jody showed up later, and I don't know if she thought it was as funny as the rest of us did.

I finally went home after a nice time chatting, and packed and cleaned in preparation for leaving for a work trip and vacation, so my next post will be from North Carolina. The intrepid Tina will be guarding the fort and dogs at home. THANK YOU, Tina. And Jared.

Jody came by later and I showed her all the new rooms. We do that a lot. And when Tuba Boy's friend came over, he proudly showed him the new rooms. I was touched--realized he DID care and was proud of what we had done.

And I finished my new short-sleeved sweater in time to wear it in the chilly airport and plane! Photo on knitting blog!

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