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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back in the US of A

Yay! My phone just rang and it was a very familiar voice (with a lot of background noise). Beccano called from the Chicago airport! Ooh, it was nice to talk to him! He told me a little about what they did (amusing, as usual, he told about three details from two weeks of travel). But, he said he took lots of pictures with the old digital camera, and I really look forward to seeing them--photos always get them talking.

I also talked to Tuba Boy, and he is still being silly--I hope that isn't wearing thin on his NC family. I find him very funny, but somewhat random these days. It's great to hear him sounding cheerful, though.

Whew, I missed them so, so much. I know they had fun, and am happy they got to see the Irish relatives (I miss them, too!). I hope they have fun in North Carolina and get some good R&R after all that travel. But, yay, I will at least get to talk to them.

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Sam said...

I am so glad they called to let you know they were back on this side of the pond.