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Friday, June 22, 2007

On a Lighter Note

Ha, no one ever comments on my deep philosophical posts. Probably takes too much thought, or no one wants to come out and say what a whack job those posts make me seem to be. Just kidding. Lee did mention how organized my rants are. It always comes out that way--I even do extemporaneous speeches that come out with beginnings, middle, ends and themes tht wend their way through. I have absolutely no clue how that happens, either. It just pops out. I will attempt to be less serious for a bit now.

I am really, really happy that today's my last day in the office for a while, and that tonight Tuba Boy will come home! Since I've hardly spoken to him in a month, that is really good news. I hope he talks some during the whole day we get to spend together! He's off to debate camp on Sunday, and I am off to Sanford, North Carolina to do some work. Then off to see Poppy Prince and Flo in High Point, with Beccano and Lee. It will be fun. I miss my dad so much. And I think he will like Lee and vice versa. OK, I have mentioned that already in here, let's move on.

I can't wait to get a lot of knitting done, either. Lots of yarn will be in my suitcase! It goes pretty slow now, with all the work Lee and I do at home. Though this week we have engaged in a bit of vegging in our lovely new media room. That has felt so...normal. Sigh. And that is so wonderful. I still can't believe that I have found someone so wonderful to share my life with--just right for me, and that's what counts. And I am relieved that the kids like him, too.

Now, if the darned dog would just stop breaking out of the house, all would be well. Rose just moves from one irritating habit to another. We are glad she isn't so much into chewing these days, but...clawing her way out of the yard ALSO is not good.

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