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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Not Much to Report

Things are slow here. Just taping the two bigger and more complex walls, emptying out more Dysfunctional Nonprofit Organization materials from the office, and watching HGTV with Tina for the past two evenings.

In good news, I have a couple more interesting things to do at work, and have had some really good meetings, so I am feeling quite positive about what I am doing. I also had a very nice lunch with the contract agency girl yesterday--it is so nice they keep in touch like that! I got Lee and me some yummy brownies from the bakery across the street from here, which was next to the lovely restaurant we ate at, Mood and Food (modern Italian and delicious).

And I broke down and bought a digital camera today, from, so I can take pictures for myself. It's like Jeff's, only newer and with a bigger screen. It was very reasonably priced. I will let Lee get the nicer one with fancy lenses when there is money for that. I also got Lee a special surprise that will be his Father's Day gift (so what if he has not technically fathered any children--he's been a good role model to the man he helped raise and is great to Beccano and Tuba Boy--they have lucked out in the male role model dept. and have their dad, Jeff and Lee all caring about them).

I drove Lee's car to work today, since he is using mine to fetch some furniture from his old house. Ahh, my clutch foot got a break!

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Lee said...

New movie from Pixar: Happy Clutch Feet.