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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Icky and Pretty

The Icky (posted to tarot blog, too): I was grumpy yesterday (so grumpy I didn't post) due to having actually started on the odious task of cleaning up the office and getting rid of a lot of my stuff that I no longer need. What an icky task.

I am getting rid of all the things I used in my old volunteer and work life, and that brings up a lot of tension and irritation, plus it is just so frustrating at first--it looks messier for a while than it did before cleaning, as you move things around and figure out what to do with things. I know at least 2.5 trash bags full of old things have been eliminated, and I got two bags full of books and materials from my old life that I no longer need any more (ain't helping nobody nurse no babies no more). I still have ten notebooks full of organizational magazines to empty (lots of good magazine holders for knitting mags, though), plus there are about 2.5 shelves full of breastfeeding and parenting books that will go to a new home. That will leave space to put books from the family room in here, and for Lee to put some of his office stuff on the shelves. Woo.

But wow, all that clutter adjustment makes a person grumpy. Of course, some of it is MY clutter. Mostly though, it was the disgusting area around the kids' computer that got me down. Dog hair everywhere, bletch.

In good news, we have two red walls (of primer) in the media room. Lee has the more rewarding job--making a pretty room from a plain one. The red I chose looks so pretty on two walls, and will be even more spectacular when the "real" paint goes on! The other two walls will be a golden tan, which should make for a warm and inviting room. we got red curtains and a pretty curtain rod to dress the windows up a bit, too. Can't wait to decorate and bring in the rest of the furniture.

Of course, to get to one of the couches will require starting in on Beccano's room, because we will not be able to get the sleeper sofa out of there without moving a ton of crap he has strewn all over the floor. Lovely boy. Too typically teen in his clutter patterns.

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Anonymous said...

I love the list. Sounds familiar, if you subtract the cards and dog hair, but add broken radio parts and snake poop.

-from your "Peculiar" friend