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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ireland Question

Hey, if you're my visitor from Dublin, Ireland, could you post a hello comment or send me an email? I'm just wondering who's visited a few times in the last couple of days! Are you one of the kids (hi kids!), the XH or an ex-relative? In any case, I hope the weather there's good and that (if you are my kids, XH or his spouse) you are having a GREAT trip! I miss the kids, but I know they are not missing all the cleaning and straightening going on here!


Suna said...

OK,since now I am getting hits from Chapel Hill, NC I will assume a) it's Beccano and b) they are back in the USA. Yay! Maybe I will hear from the kids today!

Suna said...

OK, so the kids are not back. So, it must be Mrs. Ex. who returned early. Hello! Hope you are doing well and don't miss the guys too much.