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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Boyfriend Is Funny

ELAB Being Goofy
Originally uploaded by sunasak.
I gave Lee a beautiful Tiffany lamp for Father's Day (secretly it's a gift for the media room, but I needed an excuse). This is the FIRST thing he did with his new gift. I totally cracked up at his expression here. I sure am glad I got that new camera, heh heh.

It was a good evening of just lounging and being in love, and it has been a good day at work (about to go home), with lots of training,l earning and interacting with people. I like that part. I am really enjoying doing the live trainings.

Plus, I talked to Beccano and Tuba Boy. Not much cheers me up as much as that!

Looking forward to a good evening at the home of our friends the Osbornes, too!

There is a nice lamp photo plus a picture of our first crop from our garden, a pepper, on the Flickr pages. Just go to the sidebar or directly click the links.


Robin said...

I *LOVE* that lamp, Suna. Lee's pretty cute, too.

Sam said...

Sure he's funny . . . but he's cute too! I still get goosebumps reading how happy you are in love!!