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Monday, June 25, 2007

Hey from NC

Tree Face
Originally uploaded by sunasak.
I'm in North Carolina right now, doing some training work. It's going OK. I am enjoying doing things in the evenings, since our hostess is a really sweet woman who has showed us around this very quaint town. It's down the road from where my dad used to live, but I'd never been here before. She showed us her yard, which has two ponds, and a large assortment of interesting trees, because the previous owners owned a nursery. Her husband does pottery (lots of that around here--we are near Seagrove, NC, which is chock full of potteries).

I talked to my dad, and he's looking forward to seeing us. I hope Lee makes it--he is driving all day today and tomorrow. But now I am sleepy. I hope to post again soon!

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Stephanie said...

Hiya, I just caught up on your blog posts for June and have to tell you how much I enjoyed your pics on Flickr! The new camera was a very worthwhile purchase. I absolutely love the shot of the butterfly on the lush flower. Yet another Suna talent!