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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Vacation Update

Chattanooga Cannon
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Just a quick hello since there was no way to blog while I was in North Carolina last week. So, hello from a hotel in Tuscaloosa, Alabama!

The picture is of me and Lee on top of Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, Tennessee. My dad grew up here, so every year we went to visit my grandmother here, while I was growing up. The cool thing is that there are photos of me with these cannons from the Civil War since I was an infant. So, for 49 years there are photos of me here! Of course I had to get one with Lee, even though we were perhaps not at our loveliest in our travel clothing (but I have a nice shirt!).

Things were pretty good in North Carolina once Lee, Beccano and I got together and headed out to see my dad and his lovely spouse. We did a lot of resting and relaxing (I knitted; Lee played solitaire on his Windows Vista laptop). We did visit a lovely winery near Lexington, NC. It turns out that a lot of tobacco farmers are changing to grapes. Feeding one vice, then another, ha ha. We got what should be some yummy wines, though. The winery looked just like one of those fancy ones in California--like a Tuscan villa. They also make a lot of money on weddings and other events.

Otherwise, we ate with many old people, visited all the neighbors, and went shoe shopping.

I have a funny shoe story. I managed to leave my new black pumps at the hotel in Sanford. They were really interesting shoes, Naturalizers with a very fine mesh surface. They looked like leather from a distance and were incredibly comfortable. I wore them all day one day, over 12 hours and they didn't hurt at all. But, I left them in the dark closet. I called the hotel, but they said they could not find them. Grr.

So, I figured they have Macy's stores in NC, so I'd check and see if they had any. The first mall we went to didn't have any (that did not stop me from getting OTHER shoes, though). They called, and said there was one pair at another mall. So, we trekked from Greensboro to Winston-Salem (completing the Piedmont Triad) and actually did get another pair. So, I bought two pairs of the same shoes (still paid less than the list price of the shoe).

So, what happened next? I got a call on Saturday from the hotel. They found the danged shoes!! Now I will have two pairs! The folks at that hotel are incredibly nice by the way. So if you are in Sanford, NC for any reason, visit the Hampton Inn. End commercial.

I will post more tomorrow. I am sure I have things to say, but we must drive home!

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Des said...

I was born in Winston Salem and have lovely memories of visiting Reynolda House and the gardens there, and Old Salem, the Moravian settlement. Getting cookies from Winkler's Bakery at Old Salem was always a treat.

As a Brownie we did a field trip to RJ Reynolds factory to watch the machines make and package the cigarettes! At the end we got free samples to take home to our parents. Of course, I smoked mine - although I was a first grader - thus contributing to my nicotine addiction issues today. Can you imagine giving Girl Scouts cigarettes?

I hope you ate some "Bobacue" in lexington, NC - the Barbecue capitol of NC. Pulled pork on white bread buns with slaw andl lots of vinegar sauce - YUM.