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Friday, July 20, 2007

Feeling Resipiscent

Yes, today I am feeling resipiscent, which was the Word of the Day at I will be more pleasant, and not upset any of my beloved friends, today, I hope. And I won't be grumpy at my beloved man, whom I am happy to have enjoyed the company for the past year.

I honestly don't know how I could be so down, when a face like Scrunchy's greets me at the door when I come home every day. Beccano took some really cute photos of him yesterday (go to the Flickr link in the left column to see more). I wish we had some nice pix of the other dogs. Poor blind Gwynnie isn't looking so hot, since she hurt her eye (exterior) and now it looks even worse, and her nails are really long because she is so upset whenever we try to trim them.

The poor puppy (only two months and she will be a DOG) keeps chewing stuff, as hard as we try to stop her. My chair, the stairs and an old magazine holder are the latest targets. And we can hardly ever catch her to discipline her. We put hot sauce all over stuff, which works for a while. And she is very hard to photograph, being so black. Her eyes and nose are extra black, too (but her teeth are so beautifully white in contract). You can't photograph what lovely, soft, shiny fur she has or how high she can jump, or how her little triangular head keeps poking up whenever any of us humans try to hug. I am relieved that she has turned out to be a nice, medium sized dog, and not the monstrosity we feared. One giant dog to trip over is plenty (Buddy is SO big, but at least his big shedding period is over).

So, anyway I am feeling more sane today (that's what resipiscent means, if that was a new one to you, like it was to me), just feeling sad when I read about all the fun folks are having at their conference, but I did feel a bit better when someone said "it just isn't the same." I don't know how it could be--things changed so much. But, I wish them all the best.

We have a fun weekend ahead, anyway. Dinner with Jeff tonight (he is doing just fine), dinner and music rehearsal at church friends' house in Lago Vista tomorrow night, and a lot of driving practice for Tuba Boy this weekend (he is ALMOST done getting his required stuff in to finish his course and get a license--eek).

Love to you all, readers. I'd love a cheerful hello from you!


sandy said...

Glad your are feeling better today.

Tina said...

You taught me a new word today, Suna!

Sam said...

Here's a "cheerful hello." I hope you have a wonderful weekend.