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Friday, July 6, 2007

I Miss Tuba Boy

Tuba Boy in Ireland
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Tuba Boy is still at debate camp. I have received two emails from him, so I know he is alive, anyway. But that doesn't replace his smiling face. I am really looking forward to some logorrhea when he gets back and spews forth tales of all his new debate knowledge.

At least with all the rain and flooding in north Texas (that is where he is), I know he isn't getting out to carouse much! I also hope he has called or emailed his dad. I don't think he realizes how much we worry about him, and with his phone not functioning (again) it's impossible to contact him!

Last night it was so nice to be watching TV with Lee and Beccano. It feels like a family to have a nice room to enjoy just "being" together in, and we don't have to all crowd onto my bed like we used to (for some reason, I have NEVER enjoyed watching TV in the family room--I can't really see it well, even though there is a big television in there).

Starting tonight we'll be emptying out his bedroom in preparation for painting and sprucing it up. Whee.

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Stephanie said...

Do I dare admit that all this discussion of debate camp is making me nostalgic? Yes, I attended such a camp back in the mid 1980s and had boatloads of fun. The most amusing thing I recall is that the other camps at the university that week were football and some beauty pageant group. Imagine debaters, football players, and pageanteers in the same dining hall every day. Hilarious!