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Monday, July 16, 2007

Grateful Monday

I keep saying I will post more things I am grateful for, so maybe this time I will try to do it on Mondays!

OK, so today I am grateful that I have all my senses. I took a little walk into the woods outside work this afternoon, because the roaring of the "white noise" was driving me insane. I wanted to hear natural sounds.

Ahh, I heard so many. Crickets, bird wings, butterflies (if there are enough of them, you do hear them--Beccano and I discovered this yesterday in the garden at church!), cardinals, an angry wren, a happy warbler, flies, a very large buzzing insect, and (alas) mosquitoes.

And what I saw! 5 kinds of butterfiles, one really big, tattered moth, the cardinals, the angry wren and its companion (a very LARGE pair of wrens, bigger than the ones at my house, guessing these were Carolina Wrens, not Bewick's), a lot of moss and debris from the rain, and little bitty frogs. At first I saw what I thought were very small frogs, about the size of a live oak acorn, then I saw even smaller ones, the size of my pinky nail bed. The recent rain must have been very good for frogs, because I must have seen a dozen.

I felt all the slippery rocks, debris and moss, and unfortunately all the things that bit me. Oh well, that's the price you pay for solitude!

And it smelled GOOD. Very loamy and rich. Not the usual dry smells of summer. Lots of stuff rotting, but in the pleasant way (plants, not animals).

Taste was left out, but I came back in and had some delicious water, so all the senses got to enjoy something.

Grateful for my senses!

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