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Friday, July 27, 2007


I am mainly posting this to remind myself to always wear long pants to work, or if a skirt, wear tights with it. This place is FREEZING. I foolishly put on my capri-length jeans, a gauzy Chico's tunic and a camisole today, with my cute red little heels. (Love those casual Fridays.) My feet and lower legs turned into ice cubes, and my arms aren't much better.

I ended up wearing my finished sock plus its almost-finished friend under the fancy shoes, my arm warmers and my mohair shawl. Still cold. And rather overly colorful.

I look forward to a weekend of thawing out, and maybe drying out if the predicted let-up in rain happens. Driving in all this rain is tiresome, too.

Otherwise, everything is fine. I am feeling more on an even keel, and I let my urge to lecture others via my blog pass by not posting yesterday or Wednesday. And it's a good thing, because the blog-checkers are a-checkin'!

One more thing, please send positive thoughts to Jeff, who has come down with pneumonia and really wants to have a busy weekend at the NAMM show (music manufacturer convention) doing podcasts and stuff. I hope his meds have kicked in and he is having fun. I'm still his "emergency contact" person, ya know. I am very, very loyal to my friends, past and present. Present or absent.

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