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Monday, July 30, 2007

Grateful Monday, Dude

It's Monday, so I must be grateful for something--how about my hands and my eyes? The hands let me knit so I get to touch lovely wool and needles as often as possible, and they let me type fast as lightning. And equally erratic. My eyes let me see beautiful colors, patterns and shapes. I am so glad I am not going blind, at least yet. I love colors and patterns so much. No wonder I knit so much.


My children, especially the older one, have taken to calling me "Dude Mom." As in, "Dude Mom, are we out of Hot Pockets?" They call all their friends just plain "dude." I find Dude Mom to be pretty funny. None of the teen friends have called me Dude SAK, Dude Suna or Dude Sue Ann yet.

Are teens all over using "dude" all the time, or just in Texas? It's definitely a thing all around my vicinity, anyway. Dude isn't a new word. Heck, we used it in the Ancient Times (70s). But suddenly it's the new "homey" (thank goodness). But it sure seems to be peaking in usage. It's nice and gender-neutral, which is another good thing. No problem being a Lady Dude nowadays.

Suna and ELAB in a BandWeekend

It was a good, pretty restful weekend with both sunshine and the usual Texas Summer Rain (usual for THIS summer only). I did a lot of singing in Sunday's church service, so there was also rehearsing on Saturday. Lee did an amazing job on bass this time. He played a lot of lead lines to accompany Bill's rhythm guitar, and it was really cool. So, even though it was mostly Grateful Dead, I had a good time. At least I didn't have to figure out what the melody was, since I just did backup/harmony. And we had a teen drummer. He did not call me Dude. (I added the photo later)

I also enjoyed teaching two sisters to knit. Their mom had vowed not to learn, because she loves reading so much, but we sucked her in and will be teaching her next time. BWA HA HA, I will turn everyone on earth into a knitter. I really enjoyed the girls and their conversation. They reminded me of girl versions of my kids (same ages, approximately, and they are opinionated UU kids like mine).


Stephanie said...

Teenagers calling you dude will keep you young. Good stuff.

Des said...

DUDE! My nine and ten year olds call each other (and me and Dennis)Dude about nine hundred times a day. What Dead songs did you sing at service? I want to go to your church. At the last service I went to here they were singing in German - three penny opera show tunes no less. It creeped me out, and creeped out the elderly French lady too.