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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Chatting with Relatives

Barber Shop
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Today I'll start off with some vacation stories. One thing I like about going to visit my dad is that I get to see the relatives who are in North Carolina. Here you see Beccano telling a story in Aunt Pug's barber shop, with Flo, my dad and Pug listening. This is the same spot where he got his first hair cut. His brother got his first hair cut from her, too, on Dad's back porch. Pug (whom I am named after--she is really Bettye Sue) is Dad's little sister. Of course, he says she talks too much, which he says about all the local relatives. I think he just doesn't like their conversation topics (their lives). She smokes like a chimney, but is in great shape otherwise, and is really sweet. She had a long marriage to an alcoholic, but she stuck with him and he did recovery. She's been a widow for many years, but still has the barber shop they opened together in Greensboro. I remember her loving dogs (can't believe she has none now) and ducks. This visit she told us how she used to always be carrying a chicken when she was a little girl, and the chickens loved her. Just like my grandmother. Beccano, of course, always liked her because he likes pugs. She, however, had mostly poodles and dachshunds in her later years (at one time raised pointers).

So, that is all about my aunt.

I also got to see my first cousin, Jan, and her daughter, Kendall. I have always gotten along well with Jan, so I am glad she's in town where Dad lives. Of course, he says she talks too much. I like how her daughter is so close to her (and they barely look related--Jan is teeny tiny and Kendall resembles her Clemson U football center dad). Jan also has a boyfriend named Lee. They seem to be bonded over the fact that they each have sons with "issues." Anyway, I like hearing about Jan's life and ups and downs!

Of course, when you go to NC you also get to talk to Flo's relatives, who are, I guess, step relatives. She has a very nice family, though her favorite aunt (who she was raised with like a sister) and her husband are both getting very frail as they get older. It is touching to see how Dad takes care of them. They have always been incredibly kind to me and the kids, so I hope they still have a few more years in them. As a bonus, we also got to see their daughter, who was in town.

Then there are the friends. It is cute to me how Dad and Flo always trot me out to all the neighbors' houses. Luckily, they have nice and interesting neighbors. Hilda who lives next door is 98. She still drives and volunteers at the hospital to "help the old people." She still has a lovely garden and is 100% all there mentally. I really admire her--a smart woman, and very generous. She spends little on herself, but gives a lot to worthy causes. Across the street are two other families, both very nice. I enjoy Ann, across the street, a lot.. I even taught her to knit. My parents are very lucky to have a caring community surrounding them.

They need the caring, because Flo is having a lot of health issues, and is a bit "off" right now. And her issues led Dad to feel pretty bad, really depressed. I don't blame him--I know he was remembering how hard it was caring for Mom when she was sicklier and sicklier. I think he'd hoped he'd found someone who'd outlast him. But he is loyal. He will stick with Flo, and has for 12 years as of last week!

That's about it for my family and their folks!

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