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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Vacation Photos

Cliffs of Moher
Originally uploaded by sunasak.
I have put up a sampling of our vacation photos on the Flckr pages. Click the Flickr info in the left column, and go to the Travel Set or the Beccano's Travels set (in the Family collection) to see them sorta organized. There are also a couple of family pix in the family collection.

Here is a photo everyone loves, of Beccano at the Cliffs of Moher on the west coast of Ireland. The boys enjoyed their time with their dad, and visiting with their cousins. I am really glad we sent Beccano with the camera!

I'll post more about our trip tomorrow. Today I am very tired from patriotically de-junking Tuba Boy's bedroom. Luckily Lee did some too or I'd never have managed. Bletch. Equally messy as Beccano's was (he made the bed today!!). We now have clothing hanging in the closet, and all underware and socks in drawers. I found at least 4 pairs of black socks ("Mom, I am out of black socks") and many more white, plus two lovelu pairs of underwear that had never been worn. And many deodorants. The boy will smell as good as he looks, now.

We'll paint the room and reassemble it this weekend, I hope, then show you the results!


Vicki said...

My dear Suna, I can relate SO MUCH to what you're going through with Tuba Boy's bedroom this week. I didn't take "before" shots because it was truly horrific. PLUS, the girl made me promise not to throw out anything that wasn't obviously garbage. I found so many unworn pairs of underpants and so many many packages of mechanical pencil leads ("Vicki, I'm out of pencil lead!"). And strangely, I also found a surprising number of deodorants. What is it with these young people and their deodorant collections?

Good luck with the rest of your de-junking!

Rhonda said...

As much as I don't want to, tomorrow I will venture into my girls room to do the same thing. They are gone to my parents for a couple days, much easier to make the cleaning happen. : )

Suna said...

I wish both of you the best of luck. I am hoping that by giving him a new bed, repainting the room, and making it more comfortable for him, Tuba Boy might keep the room slightly neater. I realize he is a teenager, so messes come with the territory.

Rhonda said...

The biggest problem here is the 2 girls are opposites. One is cleaner and the other is a pig. And getting along is not happening. Today, I pulled 3 loads of laundry, 4 soda cans, 2 plastic cups and 1/2 kitchen garbage bag of garbage out. Not too bad as I pulled a full bag of garbage out on Sat.
The joys of teens. : )