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Monday, July 16, 2007

Last Tuba Boy Room Images

Finished Tuba Boy RoomFinally, here's a photo with all the stuff in the room, ready for Tuba Boy to come home and mess it up (maybe not??). We put the train photos on the wall at last, and they look so much better in this setting than in the old one. You can actually see the cool Irish steam trains, and I am relieved that they have matting that already goes with the blue wall in the room!

I was glad to get two bedside lamps in the room, and know he will sleep better on a much more comfortable mattress with a memory foam topper. Beccano is so jealous of the topper that I guess I will get him one, too!

Looking Out the DoorAnd here is a photo of the room looking out the door, so you can see the blue. There's a tea towel to the left of the door with a photo of a Great Western Railway engine. We got that in England, when we happened on an entire GWR museum, including cute little engines tricked out to look like Thomas the Tank Engine, Henry and pals. Beautifully restored trains. I would have bought a lot more at the store if I could have. I really enjoyed the years when Tuba Boy loved trains, because I could also enjoy my secret fondness for them, which started when I was a little toddler waving at the engines that went behind our little house in Sarasota, Florida.

Well, we are finished with the major home improvements, and ready to move on! Eventually I want to paint my room, but it can wait until Lee's old house is fixed.

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