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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Lughnasadh Miracle

Yeah, another Celtic holiday is upon us. Happy Lughnasadh to anyone who celebrates it or likes the idea of a holiday where you get to eat stuff (celebrate those first fruits of harvest with a whole bunch of home grown tomatoes if you can!). (Holiday is also called lamas in some traditions.)

I've been enjoying the recent full moon, as it's shone in our bedroom window in the evening, and then lights the master bath when I first wake up, so I don't trip on Buddy. Nice to be able to see it, too--it means the rain has let up.

But I mentioned a miracle, didn't I? And it's a miracle of growth! At least, I think it's cool...

Sunday before last, Lee bought me a dozen roses. You may recall that the rose I brought in to put on my desk was the thing I was grateful for Monday before last. Well, I am still looking at it, only a little worse for wear. The roses in the media room have bloomed all the way open and are now drying (they look pretty). But this one is still at that partially open stage that's so pretty, and the leaves are all perky and sticking out like they are happy.

I'd been wondering how it stayed so nice, since it didn't seem to be drinking much water out of the "exotic" vase I have it in (plastic Diet Coke bottle with the label peeled off). Today I was thinking, "Oh, maybe I should get rid of it--there's a little brown around the edge." Then I looked more closely. Whoa! There is a spray of three new leaf clusters coming out of the base of one of the leaves! Each spray has five leaves. They are a happy, new green! I see budding coming out of a couple of the lower nodules where leaves once were, too! No wonder the flower still seems happy--it's alive! It's funny that the roses I put the powder in to keep them fresh faded days ago, while the one in plain water in a plastic bottle has started to root!

I know this is a fancy florist rose and its root stock is probably not one that will actually survive, but what the heck, let's see what this one does!

Um, I'll sneak this in on the bottom here. We think Tuba Boy had a real date on Monday evening. A girl from debate camp drove all the way up from Buda to go to a movie with him. So if it wasn't a date, it sure is a loyal friend (judging from her constant posting on his wall on Facebook, I think she likes him.) Due to his sterling navigational skills, they never found the right theater, but apparently enjoyed a film at the discount cinema they passed while looking, and had a fine Taco Bell repast (his favorite fine dining establishment). I have to say it's nice to have cheerful Tuba Boy back, after the two months of moping over the previous object of his affections. Hope this one is as nice as the other one was, but he has good taste, so we are not worried. Also, he's picking up some "mad bass skillz" while he sits around and IMs all day.

Beccano had a frenzy of friend activity this week, too. They are packing in fun before band camp starts next week.

PS: For some reason I checked to see what I was doing this time last year. It's my phone's one-year anniversary! Yay Pink Razr! And I have not broken it yet. Good for me. I usually go through phones pretty quickly. I'd like to keep this one a while, so I can get a really good one next time.

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Sam said...

I love long-lasting flowers!