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Monday, August 6, 2007

Grateful Monday, Passages

The Grateful Part

What I am grateful for today is my flexibility and patience with myself. In the space of a couple of hours last night my plans for the week changed many times. And I coped and didn't yell. Got a bit frustrated, but did not yell. And I think both kids will make it to band camp and back successfully for at least the next two weeks, and one child MIGHT have a driver's license soon. Dealing with my kids' lack of foresight and planning really requires me to be flexible. But sometimes it takes me a while to figure out which option among many is the best. And people stare at me, wanting an instant decision. I am proud that I am patient with myself because I understand that I am not a snap decision maker, but rather someone who weighs options first. Jeff thought I was stupid because of this, but I know I am not. I just see many options and want to choose the one that's best for everyone, not just what is most convenient for ME. So, I am grateful that I have learned to be more patient with myself, and that I've always been pretty flexible.

The Passages

Well, both my kids are officially in high school now, as I sent a worried and frightened Beccano off to summer band this morning, where he and Tuba Boy will play and march and get ready for the football season. I am glad he got a ride with Derek's dad, because he will have been more together without me. Tuba Boy says he will watch out for him. He is a good brother.

Of course, part of my flexibility above had to do with Tuba Boy following my instructions and getting one more driving session in so he can get his license (another passage, somewhat overdue). However, he managed to book it for the middle of his first day of summer band. Now, Lee and I both work. But it's $25 if you don't show up for a session. On the other hand, if I took him I would lose way more than $25 (would have lost 4 hours). But, it might be worth it to get the driving stuff OVER with. Argh. Hard to weigh all those options. But, Lee saved the day by getting really, really sick last night, to where he could not make it in to work this morning. He is up to driving a boy to the driving school and back. And he has benefits (at least at the moment).

Lee's under a lot of stress. No wonder he got sick. I think it was too hot for him out doing the yardwork yesterday and that did him in. It is good news that he may have his house in Granger sold, and that we found a great candidate for a new vehicle for him on Saturday, but dealing with financial stuff is never fun for either of us.

So we looked at a bunch of trucks, and test drove one on Sunday. It was really nice of Tuba Boy to go with us, too. He could check out the back seats. I discovered I am too short to get in a Dodge truck without a sissy bar (or whatever they are called). Most places didn't have trucks as old as he was originally looking for, but then we found a used 2007 model that was really nice. And as a GMC, I could get in it. I have never been big on pick-up trucks, which are the national vehicle of Texas, but I can see we need one at this point in our lives. So, I am gamely participating in this. We drove the GMC one and I was surprised. I mean, I have been in pick-ups before and it felt like I was in a truck. Even Suburbans felt truck-like. This thing was deathly silent in the interior--really nice. And it rode very, very smoothly. I sat in the back seat and had all the room I could possibly want short of being in a limo. It will be fine for the kids! And when needed, this thing will seat 6! So. I must swallow my pride and admit this truck is pretty nice. Still, not great gas mileage, but we can use my car most of the time, and this one when we need to haul or (eventually) to tow. And it is still under warranty!

I guess it's another passage. I have turned into a Texan. Who am I? Where is Sophisto-Suna who scoffs at giant vehicles??? Sigh. At this point the durned thing IS practical.

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