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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Little Concern, Potential Big Fun

Last night I auditioned to be in the Round Rock Community Chorus. I'd been thinking of doing that for years, but a guy at my current job (one of the few people who ever talk to me) kept encouraging me, telling me he and his spouse really enjoyed it. And since my trio/quartet doesn't seem to practice or try to perform other than on rare occasions now, I felt like I could use another singing outlet besides church choir.

Note that I love the church choir, really enjoy the people in it, and like to help. But, most of the music is not very challenging. And we rarely sound all that good, given our small size and mix of skills. Still, it's a nice outlet and I honestly think it is GREAT to give anyone who wants to sing a chance!

I have sung in a couple of large choral things since coming to Austin, and really liked doing it. But the one I did, the Texas Choral Consort (GREAT director, Barry Williamson--and hey, they have a performance this weekend) was very intense--many meetings over a short period, then a performance. Then nothing for a while. And rehearsals were pretty far away (to me). This one meets weekly and does two shows a year, and the rehearsal space is only a few miles down the road. Costs less, too (money pays for sheet music!).

So, I went to the director's house in a lovely part of older Round Rock and did warm ups and sang "My Country Tis of Thee." Not a big stretch. I sounded mostly fine--my normal reasonably competent singing, but there was a problem. High notes just would not come out. Notes that normally are not an issue for me at all came out all scratchy or not at all. I tried everything I knew, breathing better, opening my mouth more, opening my throat more. YIKES!

I sure hope it is just some allergy-related issue or a temporary glitch, and not a sign that I am losing my singing voice. I was not nervous or anything--just couldn't sing above a certain point.

I just la'd a bit. I seem OK now. Fingers are crossed.

Anyway, I am in as a first alto, which sounds fun and is usually the harder alto part. Rock on, Suna. I can't wait to sing with a lot of people! I hope it is fun.


Lee said...

Your voice won't desert you. It loves you. I'm thinking allergies.

I'm Michelle! said...

Dear, you know you could be becoming an alto with age :) Happens to us sometimes. First the eyes go, then the voice and then we just fall to pieces.

Suna said...

Bwa ha ha. I have never been a first soprano--my whole life I have sung alto or tenor, though I have a fairly good range and have sung second soprano when necessary (or backed up a weak soprano section in unison numbers).

I do know a couple of women who've added quite a few low notes as they got older. That would be cool.

Stephanie said...

Congrats on the new choir! This sounds cool. I have also been singing more lately and really enjoying it. I offered to sing at my little BIL's wedding in November after having a few voice lessons (my first since about age 14!) with a teacher who assured me I would not be embarrassing myself to sing solo in public. Yay! Before the first lesson, I found my old folder from those lessons in the early 1980s. Amazing stuff down in my basement! When I tried to sing some of my old pieces, it became clear that I no longer have the high notes in my range. I'm more of a second soprano now than a first. Weird.

Des said...

Good for you! May you enjoy the many stress-relieving benefits aof singing with a group. Singing with a choir is One of the things I miss most from my old life on Long Island. I hope I can find one here.