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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Guest Room in Mid Renovation

Guest Room in Mid Renovation
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Yay, Lee took a couple of pictures to document his hard work on the guest room, so I can share one. We still need to put pictures on the wall, and are waiting on delivery of a bedding ensemble and curtains that we hope will match the paint perfectly.

I do not know what the light colored stripe on the left is--perhaps the flash reflecting off a mirror.

The walls are "Surrender," a periwinkle/lavender color and "Desert Seedling" which is a light grass green. Lee, Beccano and I debated a long time on colors. Then we worried the green would be too light, but it's actually quite refreshing. The paint appears to be sticking to the walls, too (we were worried, because most of the room has been caked in baby powder from when Jeff used the guest bath for four years--the man keeps Johnson and Johnson in business). Lee washed the walls, which helped.

The bed is Lee's very nice bed from his old house, the mattress of which we hope to never have to move ourselves again. The lamps and end tables are also Lee's, as well as the dresser that you see as a slab of wood in lower left. The room also contains two bookshelves of lovely knitting books (I swear those book cases are Jeff's, but he didn't take them) and a very old desk inherited from Great Uncle Clarence that used to hide a typewriter inside it, which would pop up when you needed it. All the furniture is in good shape, but each type is a different wood, ranging from the very light end tables to the very dark typewriter desk. We have decided it is "eclectic" and hope that the green/lavender accessories will tie it all together. The bedding has roses on it (Lee's favorite flower) and a wee bit of rose coloring so they will sorta coordinate with the lamps. And sorta coordinate with the bathroom wallpaper that has pink and green and tan.

We will see what magic we can work! I really appreciate all that Lee has done to fix up the house this summer. He is spending his whole vacation on household fix-ups. I might even be able to get the car in the garage today or tomorrow! The old fridge is gone, the old bed frames and mattresses are gone, and that desk is back upstairs! Woo!

Please Send Good Thoughts

I talked to Jeff yesterday, who is with his mom, Rose, in Florida. She's hospitalized after complications from back surgery that have nothing to do with her back. I also talked to Rose, and she didn't sound all that good. I am thinking it is all the pain killers she is on, but I am worried about her. I just hope she gets better and can continue to enjoy her kind new husband and her nice life there. I know Jeff has a hard time with this--his dad died from incompetent hospital care, so he has to be a mess in side. But, he and his brother have been advocating for Rose, so she is getting better treatment. Please send her any good, healing thoughts you can spare.

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Stephanie said...

Such a tempting guest room...must put Austin on list of places to visit soon....