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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Suna Goes Texan

Suna Goes Texan
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Yee Haw, y'all! (It's OK for me to say y'all because I AM from the south.) It's me, driving a pick-up truck, and though you can't really see it, I assure you I am wearing a cute red cowboy hat. Beccano is enjoying the spaciousness of the back seat.

In the background is the police-person neighbor's "new" vehicle, which I believe is his old police vehicle, painted white. He is working on it all the time. Not sure what he is doing with it. They now have twice as many vehicles as people there. But I am not upset with him--he watched the stupid non-crippled dogs after they broke out again on Sunday (Rosee--you got some 'splainin' to do...)

Yep, back to the topic at hand, Lee bought the truck. It is shiny and silver, matching his motorcycle (which, if you are keeping track, I have still not set my rear end on). It still has a warranty and everything--we were told it didn't have enough options so the owner traded up after less than a year owning it. It's a 2007 model, but way less expensive due to being used! What a deal! I know Lee misses his convertible. But this one has a lot of fun features, and is so much nicer to ride we will be able to tow a trailer with it, so we can go camping (assuming we get a hold of a camper of some sort).

We enjoyed a nice little outing in the truck last night as we waited for Tuba Boy to finish his last driver's ed practice. On Friday he has ONE more class to do and he will be able to get his license. Um. Now HE needs a vehicle. Eek. Insurance, too. OMG.

Lee's still feeling a bit puny, but recovering from the heat issue. He is drinking a lot of liquids. Beccano survived his first day of summer band like a trooper. He was a whole different kid last night. But his back hurt from having to stand up straight. HA good posture is on its way. So, things are better all round.

I just can't believe I now have: three pairs of cowboy boots, two real cowboy hats (one straw, one felt), more than one western shirt, and a PICK UP. What has Lee done to me???? (Other than make me very, very happy, I mean.)


Sam said...

"What has Lee done to me????"

Put a smile on your face a MILE wide! And that puts a big smile on my face too!
Take care

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from your favorite ex-used-truck-saleswoman. Several years ago, I wouldn't have expected to ever own leather chaps, so maybe there's hope for you getting on the motorcycle someday, too. There is no cure for chrome fever. :-D

I'm glad you're happy. :-) My personal truck makes me happier than my work truck, and that's a metaphor for life.


Stephanie said...

I cannot top these two comments. Just sittin here grinning. My only request - I want to see the closeup of you in the cowgirl hat at the helm of the new truck!