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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Junior Sneak Day

Junior Sneak Day
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Ah, another moment when it's fun to be a parent. Tuba Boy is a junior in high school this year, and that's the year when the fun stuff starts. Looking for colleges, getting a class ring...and the first tradition to whack him over the head, the Junior Sneak Day.

Apparently it's a tradition in Ye Olde Maverick Marching Band to assign seniors to awaken juniors way before dawn on one day during summer band. They then dress them in a funny outfit (see photo) and take them to breakfast at I-Hop. I believe they then have to do marching practice in the funny outfits, until it gets too hot.

Now, from what chatty sophomore car-pooler Schultzie tells me, most of the juniors figured that today would be the day, and they probably went to bed early and slept in their clothes. Not our Tuba Boy. He stayed up his usual too late IMing with Debate Friend Girl (my new name for her) and such. So, as you can see, he looked pretty deat at pre-5am when his senior came to get him (poor senior--he has a speech issue, and when he called me to remind me yesterday, Beccano answered the phone and hung up on him, thinking he was an outsourced phone solicitor).

I am looking forward to tales of this adventure. The timing could be better, though. Yesterday's planned driver license procural went awry when a truck exploded on the Interstate, making Lee and Tuba Boy unable to get to the quicker-processing facility in Georgetown. The plan is to do the deed this afternoon. Well, won't Tuba Boy enjoy living with a license photo featuring dirty hair and his "Awesome Beard"??

BTW: Awesome Beard is scheduled for removal by Friday, so his official band photo will look nice. What a good boy.

Meanwhile, Beccano has lost ten pounds during summer band. Bye bye vestigal baby fat. Hello Manly Boy. Sniff.


Sam said...

I especially love the grass-like skirt!

Lee said...

He does have his jeans on under the skirt.