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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Originally uploaded by sunasak.
Here's the kind of thing that cheers you up. When your precious pups engage in mutual mouth cleaning, how can you be all stressed out?

And the picture was taken with my "new" camera. Which the folks at Canon said was not broken. They cleaned it or something and it works marginally better. Grr.

Getting the kids ready for school this week, so they are not LOL-ing much. Thank goodness Lee can help, since I was all booked today and it was Tuba Boy's registration day. Tomorrow is "Colt Camp" for Beccano, but it's in the evening. Yay.

We are still thinking positively about job opportunities! It's as much work looking for work as it is working, and Lee's finding that out. The stress is giving us nightmares and weird tarot cards, but otherwise, I think we are doing fine. All the good thoughts and energy are appreciated!

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