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Friday, August 17, 2007

Licensed Driver

Licensed Driver
Originally uploaded by sunasak.
What a milestone. This beaming young person is a licensed driver now. Next, I must phone the insurance company. Then I need to teach him how to drive a manual transmission car, because it looks like Lee is not going to let him take off in the truck any time soon. Then, I have to scrape together some cash and get him a car. It will really be helpful for him to have a vehicle, with all the band practices, debate events and, sigh, dates he will be doing this year.

I just deleted a ton of useless info on my less-than-stellar finances. I keep hoping something helpful will come through. But I can't imagine what that would be. Thinking positive!

But, all in all, I am proud of my boy, even with the "Awesome Beard" that you can barely see in the photo. I'd do anything for him, including emptying the savings account, I guess!


nyjlm said...

wow, congratulations to him- what a milestone!

Tina said...

gg older boy (if you don't know what it means, he will - or should - "good game")!

And tell him I LOVE the shirt he's wearing, lol. I can't wait to see all you people again! When are we doing tarot?

Sam said...

Congrats on his driving license and the potential freeing of time for you now that he can transport himself.

Robin said...

I know how much of a mixed blessing this is, having my own oldest girl entering the same phase ... freedom from the constant carting around ... worry over the unpredictability of other people on the road and our precious children without much driving experience ...