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Friday, August 24, 2007

What Keeps Us Going

Polaroid of Boy
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What keeps us going and slogging through each day, no matter what stress or strife comes up?

Love is one thing. Love for my kids is basically what got me through 2000-2006. And love for my expanded family has things even better!

Learning is another. When the world stinks, you can't do anything about it, or you are chafing at "the way things are" like Tuba Boy is these days, you can always come back to learning. That's a big part of why I am still here. There are still things to be learned in this life!

Then there's laughter. Humor truly helps when things are scary, stressful, difficult or tedious. Thank goodness it's everywhere in my house. From dogs and their antics to Lee and the kids, there's always something funny!

Beccano has been developing a keen sense of humor, as I've mentioned. He does a lot of puns, makes up jokes, and is also adept at physical humor. An example is this picture. He was playing with his hair (needs hair cut, yes I know, Father of Beccano) and wanted to be a unicorn. So he piled on the gel, but it didn't quite work. It did make these lovely curls however. So once again, the boy mugs for the camera. We have quite a collection of his facial contortions--I'm going to have to make a collage of "The Many Moods of Beccano."

I hope this gives you some Friday fun!

1 comment:

nyjlm said...

this post came at just the right time- Fri was a pretty awful mental health day for me and your words were a great reminder for me.

love the photo- too funny.