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Thursday, August 2, 2007

Another good new word

I am loving reading all my vocabulary building feeds every day. Here's the one today from one of my favorite sites, the Double Tongued Word Wrester, by the authors of the Double Tongued Dictionary, who also have an NPR show, but we don't get it here. Boo.

The word is apatheism, if you didn't care to click. And it's "the attitude of not caring about religion or if there is a God. " That fits right in with some of the conversations I have with Tuba Boy and friends. There's this one who was very firmly atheist, but I could tell some of the stuff I was saying was getting to him. I didn't see him for a while (he stole that girl Tuba Boy liked in April) but now he is back...and an agnostic. He didn't enjoy my "I told you so." I do enjoy listening to the teens talk and figure out what they believe as they go. What a fun age.

And here is their most recent citation of the word, which I think is a great quote to ponder:

Freakonomics Blog (Aug. 2) “Cut God Some Slack”: I think you’ll find that the stance of simply not caring much about God or religion ("apatheism” in the jokey parlance) is much less common than you imagine. It seems to be growing as people get wealthier, but a depressingly predominate chunk of humanity believes that God is indeed worth caring about, one way or another.

For me, it's hard to get apatheistic about the beliefs of others, because they keep infringing on my right to believe nothing, not know what to believe, or mix and match as I see fit!

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