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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good News, Bad News

The good news: We sent my "new" camera in to the manufacturer to get it repaired, since it refused to take more than 2-3 photos with any set of batteries. Lee mailed it off Tuesday, and by Friday they'd shipped a repaired (or we suspect new) one off to us. It's at FedEx now, so should be back tomorrow! I really liked the new camera, when it was working. I could get much better details on my photos. It was irritating that it didn't work, but the folks at Canon seemed quite cheerful to repair it! Yay.

The bad news: I had a pretty crappy day all around yesterday. So crappy that I decided to not go to church and inflict my bile on others.

Yesterday I messed up a knitting project badly and got pretty upset with myself (it ended up fine--the erasing of an entire pattern repeat actually ended up with a reasonable sock. See it on the knitting blog. Anyway, that got me all agitated.

Then we went to a family dinner at our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, and had to endure Tuba Boy being an angst-filled teen born with his father's incredibly persistent arguing gene. I know he and his dad enjoy that style and I respect that completely, but here at our house, we can only take it so long. Sigh, I want to talk to him about what's important to him, but the technique of taking apart examples or tangents in great detail, thereby ignoring your conversational partner's main point gives me flashbacks, so my stomach was hurting. Beccano got a bad headache and was sick last night. And Lee tried really hard, but ended up quite exasperated. The poor boy wants the world to be the way he wants it to be, and thinks if you just explained it to folks, they'd all agree. SIGH. And he doesn't want to ever have to compromise. He isn't taking, "Being mature and adult means compromising often, while being as true to yourself as you possibly can" very well. We talked about the topic even more when we got home. At least then he wasn't yelling at us.

Anyway, we've agreed that when conversations totally bog down, we can take a break, think about the other person's points or work on our own, and come back to a topic.

Nice that he's thinking. Wish he were thinking a bit more clearly. And listening a bit better.

Oh well, we're all grumpy today, so at least we're in it together!!

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