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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Goody for Me

I give myself this really pretty gold star because I did a good job today in my very first "real" corporate training with a big audience. I managed to turn on the projector, get my screen to display, use the software properly, and make people laugh and smile as I taught them some software they didn't want to learn how to use.

And I got some good suggestions for next week's training, too, so I will do even better next time (my training on how to do training says you will always find room for improvement or you are stale!).

There were at least 50 people in the "carpeted cafeteria" and they all wanted printed handouts. Sigh, there goes the paperless office (I'd uploaded the handouts to the meeting online, so people could print just what they wanted, but noooo.)

I guess what surprised me most was that one woman wrote on her evaluation that she didn't understand where I was on the handouts. Uh, I did not print out the slide show (AKA, "deck" at ALE)--you were supposed to watch me, and then look at the handouts later! So, I guess I will do that thumbnail thing and print the slide show after all.

But I now remember why I like speaking in public. I get so perky when I do so. And I get to talk to people. I even talked to the nice lady who brought me a cookie last week and asked about starting a knitting group here. She said there was nothing at all wrong with it at all! I'll do it on lunch hours! She'd even put up signs for me. Now I am feeling a little more connected. Whew, that has taken quite a while.

Otherwise, both Lee and I have been really tired all week, and he is having a rough time at work, so I am feeling for him. I am hoping we can have a good weekend with just us there.


Lee said...

I would give you another gold star!
But you can't put images in comments. Sigh.

Sam said...

I love public speaking too!
I love the energy that can be created in a room when everything is going well or bringing them back around when it is a little flat. Ahhh, the energy. It's all about energy!