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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Garden Progress

Second Tomato
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Things are just so happy these days. We are enjoying our new room ( and did NO heavy lifting yesterday--I made a huge pot of jambalaya, we ate it, then we relaxed, like "normal" people). It's so nice to see how happy Lee is lately, too. To think that being with me actually makes someone happy just warms my heart. And I feel so comfortable and happy with someone compatible sharing my life. Aah.

Things in the back yard are less perfect, thanks to a hailstorm a couple of weeks ago. And some bug. it ate ALL the marigolds and cilantro. I mean, to the NUBS. I didn't catch it, either! But, the bug didn't like tomatoes. We have a couple ripening right now, which is exciting. Figures, just when we are about to go on vacation, we get what little crops we are going to get! I hope Jeff will pick anything that ripens when we are gone. The tomatoes have a few hail holes, but are fine otherwise. And we have actually eaten two of our peppers.

Natually, there is still the evil vine issue. The grapevine has come back with a vengeance and even knocked over one of my gnomes. I will have a lot of hacking to do when I get home from vacation (can ya tell I look forward to leaving town?). It will be time to refocus on the outdoors!

Of course, to leave town I have to have a lot of training materials prepared. So this week, work is intense. The trip is disorganized (no agenda, no directions to the place), but now three of us are going, so we can be confused together.

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Sam said...

I am envious of your tomato. Here we don't usually get them ripened until August. I planted only only cherry tomato this year and four beefeater so we will have LOADS of tomatoes if you want to come visit and get some.
Hey, that's an idea. Can you come and do some training in Toronto???