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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Media Room's Debut

New Media Room
Originally uploaded by sunasak.
OK, here are the first shots of the room Lee and I have been working on for the past two weeks.

The camera seems to have some dust on the lense (it just came out of the box), but otherwise, I am happy with it. Glad it finally arrived! It is so small and light.

We are really happy with the curtains and how well they match the red, and there are pillows on the blue couch that bring in the darker red of Lee's wing chair. Later, the two chairs will be replaced by Lee's denim couch (when we manage to get it here), and the red chair will go over by the window. Not sure what we will do with the little rocker--maybe it will be in a knititng nook.

There is more room behind the chairs. That will hold Lee's writing desk and two more large bookcases. We will be hanging mirros above the tv cabinet, and hope to put a widescreen television in when funds are available.

Still, even in its partially finished state, we love the room. It is warm and comfortable, and the new speaker system sounds wonderful. We tweaked it a bit when Jeff came over to dinner last night. Nice to know Mr. Sound Expert.

Poor Jeff hadn't had a real meal since he moved out (the oven is not hooked up in his new house), so Lee cooked pasta for us, while I taught Jeff how to use Dreamweaver. He wants to maintain his own websites, and I think it's a good idea--it is a marketable skill, and something he could do for money later on. From home. And that decreases my workload a bit.

I'm not posting photos of the kids' rooms in progress, so their stuff can be a surprise!

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Sam said...

I LOVE the colour and that there is such a texture in the wall. That close-up shot of the red vases/bottles really set themselves off against the red wall.