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Monday, June 18, 2007

Exhausted, but Triumphant

Media Room Complete
Originally uploaded by sunasak.
We're exhausted because we worked ourselves to the bone this weekend. But the following items were accomplished:

1. Media Room complete other than little decor things
2. Beccano's room complete other than ONE curtain
3. Most of Lee's large furniture has been transported to our house

The moving is what was hard. Tina and Mr. Tina rented a truck to move the rest of her stuff, so we offered to split it with them. (We ended up applying the rental to what she owes us.) So, when they were done, after already working a long time on Beccano's room, we hauled ourselves to Granger and started lifting heavy objects.

Lee has an interesting coffee table that has a spring mechanism in it that rises to dining height. It also has a lot of drawers. This makes it even heavier than a sofabed. We have decided NOT to put it upstairs--it would kill us. His mattress is also interesting to move. it is a large, specially made futon that weighs at least 100 pounds, and it like trying to transport heavy jello. The other heavy objects (writing desk and chest of drawers) would not have been bad for two dudes to move. A dude and a small, weak woman...well, at least I helped marginally. And got some interesting bruises.

Beccano's new bed did not frustrate Lee anywhere near as much as he thought it would, and it came out well (see photo below). I am really happy with what we did with that room, and now can just HOPE he doesn't immediately trash it. He's older now. He can tidy after himself.

The media room, as you can see, looks really nice with the second denim couch installed. We want to bring in a coffee table to set drinks and feet on, but it may not be roomy enough for that. We also brought in the dresser that used to be in the guest room, and I put a lot of knitting yarn in it. Eventually that will cause the master bedroom to look better, but I am still working on that tidying process. Please look at the Flickr photos to see the writing desk of Lee's that we put in the back of the room (and Beccano room pix). We got the festive mirrors up above the television cabinet (which WILL get a bigger TV eventually), but we have no other wall art. That will be next.

The only regret is that I didn't get much done on Tuba Boy's room, other than stripping the beds so they can be removed. I'll work on it some this week and finish while he's at debate camp. This way, maybe he can request a wall color or something.

So, that's about it. Other than eating one nice dinner, we worked all weekend. Glad to be sitting at my desk, using my brain, not my brawn today.

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Sam said...

I love the colour scheme in Beccano's room. It is mature without being too old and it looks cool with the new bed looking as much like a day-bed as a full bed.