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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Waiting Game

There isn't too much going on here, but there is nothing wrong with that. Last week was LONG, since there was no work (contract hadn't been signed). But then yesterday they called begging me to work this weekend. Happy to do it at time and a half, but I can't do it until the dude produces work for me to do, so I spent much of yesterday waiting (finally got the work at 2 and had to rush and get it done by 6) and am now doing the same today. I missed a book signing (The Day-Glo Brothers, written by Chris Barton, who goes to my church) yesterday. Today I have missed church and am missing the Steering Committee.

At least last night I got to go out and hear my friends Jim and Sherry play music at a house concert. I miss their rock and roll act, but they sounded pretty good with just a fiddle player accompanying them. I enjoyed doing the harmonies from the back row (I learned all their older songs when Jeff used to play guitar for them for a number of months). At least I made it out of the house!

I've enjoyed having teen visitors. Beccano and the Debate King even got to jam on guitars Friday night. That sounded so nice. I love having live music in the home!

Beccano even grudgingly started his driver's ed again. Let's see if he keeps it up.

Lots of worrying about the elderly is all the rest of life has brought. Lee's dad seems ready to sell everything off and fade away. That is sad, but I can see why he feels that way. My stepmother isn't sounding too good, either, so perhaps it is good they moved into an old folks condo, though Dad is really not ready. Jeff's mother is planning to move into one of those, here in Austin, fairly soon, too, so we all have parental worries.

It is so hot here that you can't really do anything outdoors. It has been over 100 degrees every day for ages. It wears you out. So, I will go wait for work for a while longer and feel grateful for air conditioning. I am trying not to envy Kelli's extended stay in Paris TOO much...

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