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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hey there

I am thinking of taking this blog and using it to chronicle our trips with Ursula, our new-to-us RV. So look forward to some traveling travails.

I am still alive, by the way, though it has not been a terribly fun period. Lost a bunch of friends, lost my dad, changed to a job with no friends...but it's not all bad! Beccano managed to graduate from high school, we have a fun house guest all summer, and the house is always full of happy chatter. Not bad. And when the chatter gets too much, ELAB and I head out in Ursula.


Elisabeth said...

I hope that you go have a bunch of adventures this summer, take a lot of photographs, knit a lot of lovely things, and then document them all right here. Not just because I enjoy your writing a lot [which I do!], but also because I want you to do some fun, relaxing things for awhile. You deserve some fun and some time away from other responsibilities.


Vicki said...

So happy to see a post on this blog again :-) I look forward to reading about your travels with Ursula, and whatever else you want to write about!