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Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Zamenhof Day, and BRR!

Well, I just realized it is Zamenhof Day, the birthday of LL Zamenhof, who invented Esperanto. And as someone who actually studied it for a while, I thought I should salute this fine man, who had a great idea, implemented it, and I hope was proud of himself.

We (my office mate Steve and I) studied Esperanto for a semester, I think, in grad school. We ended up able to have conversations in it and everything. And actually, the first genuine Unitarian Universalist I ever met, Bruce Sherwood (I think, hey, it was a long time ago), was an Esperanto fan, and one of our teachers. He was such an interesting man--wish I had gotten to know him better, but they moved away. I thought his family practice of trading homes with fellow Esperantists or UUs for vacations was such a fun idea, and I really admired him for being a pacifist and firm believer in the unifying properties of a universal language.

But, like my naive ideas on nonviolence, world peace, and kindness to all, Esperanto isn't something most of the world was or is ready for. Oh well, it's still a fun ideal and a worthy concept. Just like world peace.

Today also marks one month until I have a child old enough to vote and sign contracts and stuff. I feel so old. I sure am glad Tuba Boy has gotten more like his old self in the past few months, and is fun to chat with and laugh with again. It is just in time for Beccano to move into the moody phase, sigh.

Oh, but Beccano is still a pretty great kid. He spent his savings on a guitar, finally, and didn't get the expensive dream item, but instead bought an interesting vintage guitar, a Gibson 335-S "Firebrand" guitar. Solid mahogany and a lovely color. It's having a little work done on it, and we should have it on Tuesday or Wednesday. From everything I have read, this will be an instrument to enjoy for a lifetime. He likes its neck and how it feels. I like how he made the more adult choice and got the quality thing, rather than the glitzy alternatives. I look forward to hearing this one (and the acoustic one I got him for Yule--shh don't tell), and soon hearing it on the amp that Becanno has immediately set off to saving his money for. Good kid.

The only other thing going on here is the weather. A cold front blasted through this morning, and for all I know it may snow tonight. It is a biting, damp cold, and darn it, I had to go out in it early this afternoon and am still chilled. (Of course, it was nice of the folks at work to let me go to their holiday celebration as a guest, and I had fun--but it's cold.) The weekend was lovely, though, and Lee got lots of outdoor work done, and we have even more lovely edged flower beds now. Our holiday decor is complete, and we still have a week or more to go!

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Parker said...

Wow. I'm freaking jealous. I want a 355 like Hendrix wanted heroin.

I'm glad he got that instead of the SG- I don't think he would have been happy with the SG (besides, Derick's getting on. hehe)