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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Now, This is a nice vest!

I just finished this vest, from a pattern in the the Dazzling Knits book. I added an extra row of shells to make it a bit longer, as I am long waisted. I used two colorways of Noro Silk Garden, one woodsy-grassy colors and one in brighter blues, greens and purples. I like how subtle the color changes are. I also have a picture of the back of the vest, but don't want to go nuts uploading pictures. And yes, my hair has grown since the photo in my profile, which was taken about a year ago.

Next I made a dog sweater to teach a class in. I'll post that one tomorrow. It is pretty hilarious, if you ask me, but people like such things.

As for me, I am doing all right. I am doing a good job getting some additional web work and knitting teaching work. Even a couple of scarves to knit (boring but it pays!). I have to say I am proud of how well I am handling a sudden loss of income that wasn't expected, and how positive my attitude is, most of the time. I am not putting myself down or feeling sorry for myself as much as I once would. I am learning that sometimes things are NOT all my fault, but they are never completely anyone else's fault either--somewhere in between. Wow, at almost 48 I am growing mature.

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