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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Black Gold?

Black Gold?
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I sure would be thrilled if the photo here actually depicts a future scene where Lee's dad lives. That's a derrick, or Christmas tree, which is looking for natural gas on a property nearby. I sure wish one of them gets set up ON the farm, and that it finds something. Hey, they are NEAR the farm!

That's because, sigh, I am all worried about money again. My new job pays $1300 less a month in take-home than the scary contract job did. That is a big difference. And the expenses are starting to mount. Plus, child support for Tuba Boy ends after next spring. Not on an upward path, am I. Note that I do realize money doesn't buy happiness or solve all problems, but I still wish things weren't going downhill.

Plus, Gwynnie the corgi has been limping for a while, and not acting perky. Lee took her to the vet today, and there is something amiss with her foot. Like something weird with the bone in her toe. Either it's cancer or whatever fungal mystery thing made her blind has come back and gone after her foot. None of this sounds good. All of it sounds both expensive for me, and painful for the dog. She's been barking very hoarsely, too, and that has me concerned. She may have finally worn her barker out. A thing I have long predicted. Or there could be something wrong there. In any case, I am sad for her. she is all snippy, too. Lee got her antibiotics, in case it is "just" an infection, and some pain meds.

Lee has been so helpful while I am trapped on campus all day. Soon I will have some time off built up so I can go to appointments and stuff, though. I am just feeling concerned. I am always concerned about something, huh.

Beccano liked his first guitar lesson last night, though, and that was a happy thing!

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