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Monday, March 31, 2008

Uh-Oh, Cute Dog Photo

Rose in Repose
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OK, I like this photo Beccano took so much that I am posting it on my blog, even though it will make those of you who read my rant about cute pet photos laugh.

This is one of the faces I was glad to see when I got home from visiting Lee's dad this weekend. I was also glad to see the other dogs, and especially glad to see the kids, because they had tales of hilarity and fun from their band trip. Beccano especially liked playing Scoobie Doo detectives as they searched for an item missing from their room. Cracks me up what they each deemed as highlights. Probably not what the trip planners intended. They were at a resort in San Antonio, where apparently the most fun thing was tether ball, but they had a blast, other than when a disc golf frisbee hit Beccano on the lip and made him bleed. A lot. That was his "battle scar."

It appeared that Tuba Boy mainly wanted to get home to his "cool" friends. Or friend. He immediately left to "hang with" Singing Girl, as I will call her now. At least she lives closer than the other one did.

Lee and I had a pretty good time on our trip, though I did not feel well a lot of the time. I thought maybe it was allergies, so I took allergy medicine and it knocked me out. Oops. We did help Lee's dad look at trucks, a painful experience for him, I think. And we ate at Furr's again. I got sorta sick to my stomach watching the dude in front of me pile on 7 main courses and every starch available. At first I thought maybe he was getting food for two people, but nope. All for him. I had a small square of frozen fish, canned beets and canned green beans. I think I am not fond of that place. At least Luby's stuff has been doctored up and appears more home cooked. Later we had a much more successful trip to Dairy Queen, though we kept Lee's dad up a bit too late, I think.

We did get to wander the fields a bit and look at flowers and such, and were awed by the new "Christmas Tree" across the way--a big oil derrick (or natural gas). We want one of those!! The drive home was especially nice--so many beautiful spring wildflowers to enjoy, and lovely farms.

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