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Sunday, March 16, 2008

A new favorite

No, my new favorite isn't this photo of Beccano, but I am in awe of how much he has changed in the past year or so. Looking at his features morph into those of an adult and not a child, I become very aware of my own aging process. I'm glad I am not changing as rapidly as he is, though it's true I am changing. I'll be OK, though--I look like myself now, only older!

Right now I am thinking that this is my favorite time of year now. It used to be autumn, but that was in Illinois, where the leaves were so lovely and the temperatures so crisp and fun. March here in central Texas is wonderful. It isn't too hot or cold, and all the trees begin to bloom like crazy. I am enjoying the lacy look of the Mexican plums, the intensity of the red buds and the heady fragrance of Texas mountain laurel now. Soon the crape myrtles will take over. Wildflowers haven't started up yet, but any day now I will get to enjoy the show of bluebonnets on MoPac on the way home. What a treat!

I am enjoying the best season for hanging out in the yard again this year. We have all red flowers and have lots to do, but no huge rush. It's the season where the live oak leaves fall like rain, and you can hear them fall and fall. Birds are very busy making nests. The mockingbirds are in the photynia at the neighbor's side yard, which makes them yell at us when we get in the truck. I watched a chickadee and a tufted titmouse family carrying around lots of nesting material today, and am amused at how awkward the mourning doves are when they try to make little babies. They keep falling off limbs that they make too heavy for two birds. Lots of flapping and weird dove love noises.

Butterflies have come out in droves, too. Sulphurs, tiger swallowtails and black swallotwails are among the most beautiful ones in our yard. The black swallowtails look spectacular when evening sun hits their blue bottom wings.

I hope we can enjoy the flowers, birds, butterflies and trees as much as possible before it gets too hot and too mosquito-ey. Maybe this year there will be fewer mosquitoes. We have worked very hard to get rid of sources of moisture!

It's going to rain early in the week, but I am happy. The plants will love it and I have festive new rain boots! Tonight we are having home made bean soup and fresh bread I baked. I hope Tuba Boy comes home from bonding with his girlfriend, whom we have still not met. Beccano and a friend have been working on a school project and playing guitar. Lee's been getting ready to make a flower bed and trying to dog-proof the fence. Everything is calm. I will not forget these good spring times.

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