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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Fine Craftsmanship

New Flower Bed
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I want to praise Lee for his lovely flower bed, since he feels so bad about the gate project being off the mark. The flowers are red petunias, with happy onions, basil and Mr. Stripey the tomato in the center. So far, so good. In fact, so far all the plants for Spring are OK. But, we have not entered into the "bad weather" yet. It is still cool nights and barely warm days. Not even tomato weather.

Beccano had his first tutoring from our friend last night. It went really well, I think. He seemed truly pleased that he ended up understanding the problems. She has a neat mini-whiteboard that she can carry to work examples on. Smart. I hope we have him on a better path now. I am really glad he will get to go on the band trip this weekend, too. He is working very hard. Interestingly, we have watched television shows on what constitutes intelligence, and one on a savant over the past few days. It's a nice bridge for talking to him about how he is wired a bit differently from others and that causes academic angst, but still tests very high on most areas in an IQ test. I told him we are all perplexingly complex.

I hope Tuba Boy finds someone to sub for him at work so he can go on the band trip. No grade problems, just organizational ones. And he "forgot" to tell me I had to pay $54 each for him to take two AP tests, either. Ahem. Good thing his friend had that much cash on him (and scary that he was carrying it around school). Tuba Boy doesn't talk much, but hasn't mentioned the girlfriend I have not met in a while. He spent all last Sunday (when there was no OWL class at church due to the Christian Holiday) with another female friend, the li'l singer-songwriter with actual gigs. They seemed to have a great time in a friend-like way. It would be FINE if he dated her. They live close and I know her parents and their wonderfully pagan/organic values!

Tonight, as a reward for hard work, Lee and I are going on an actual DATE with some people we used to work with. It's one of those "free" comedy club ticket deals, where you win 20 of them and bring your friends, who do not know that there is a two-drink minimum and drinks are $10 each. Well, I actually DO know that, but it should be a fun evening anyway. I will be a lot more fun to be around than I was at winter holiday time, which was when I last saw those folks. Employment is good.

I am thinking good thoughts for a couple of friends' job interviews. Many fingers are crossed and much good energy is going out!!

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Des said...

Nice little garden bed. I can't wait to put out out tomato plants, but I awoke this morning to SNOW, so that won't happen for many more weeks.