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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Spruce Up

New Flower Bed in Progress
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Things are nice this weekend, even though it's a bit chilly on this early Easter. I've been enjoying reading things my email and blog friends are writing about spring, and have been doing some nice spring things, myself.

One thing that has been done is mostly by Lee, who has made a really nice flower bed where there was once an incredibly overgrown Texas sage and some very horrid VINES that had grown up around it. He got some nice concrete blocks to build with, and let me talk him into getting two colors, hoping that will blend a bit with the bricks in the house (the ones that look gray actually also have some tan in them). He got the bricks all perfectly level and has put lovely dirt in the bed. Right now he is planting a mix of red petunias and some vegetables. Why? Well, it's the only sunny bed in the yard right now, so we are hoping a tomato will actually grow!! They certainly did not like the shade in the back yard last year. (Really, really hoping we can get some trees out in the back so we have enough sun to grow grass--soon as Lee gets a real job and we don't have to keep saving for unemployment times). Lee also doesn't want to plant the good plants in there until he is sure we are really rid of the vines. Once we are sure, we want a nice rose bush or two. I want roses.

I hope to share a picture of the finished bed in a day or two!

What else is going on? Not much. Nice to have a calm few days. We have been enjoying the DVD about the Who that Beccano got me for my birthday. If you like the Who, you may want to get Amazing Journey. I think it was once only available at Best Buy, but Beccano got it on We love all the interviews and all the music, too. There are some really interesting musical insights (the Edge and Eddie Vedder both give some really good comments), and some poignant stuff about the members who have passed away.


Sam said...

I am jealous that you are able to be out in the garden, working the soil. I have been reading Starhawk's "The Earth Path" and have been craving time in my garden. The earth is still very much asleep in this part of the world.
Thanks for the recommendation of "Amazing Journey." We love The Who around here. We are halfway through watching "Across the Universe." Love the music in it too!!
Happy Spring

Lee said...

Maybe I’ll be able to fertilize the yard this week, too. But wait! Then I’d have to mow it.