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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Snail and Bag Cutness

I read a blog that's mostly about weird biological discoveries or strange animals. (This week there was a feature on the raccoon dog, which in Japanese folklore is a VERY strange animal.) But today it had knitting content, which I figure I should not share on the knitting blog, but could here. Lookee at these cute little knitted snails!

And in more cuteness, I am incredibly pleased to now own a genuine Lexie Barnes bag. I got Jinx, the hobo shaped one, which looks like a big purse. It is in the purple and black Diablo colorway. But it will hold my knitting, my wallet, lunch and all the stuff I need to take back and forth to work. It will sling across my shoulders, which I hope will help my aching shoulder issue. These are very popular bags, and I see why. It looks like it won't stain, and is very sturdy (and reversible!). The knitting bags REALLY cost a lot, so I am glad I just got this. It is a perfect size for my needs!

On lunch break now. It's been a rough day (messed up a bunch of things) so I got a nice Greek salad for lunch and am now snacking on challah bread with chocolate in it, which I bought from people who claim to use the proceeds to help the poor in Darfur. Well, I hope they do.


Lee said...

I don't see why you couldn't link to that on you knitting blog. No instructions but lots of cuteness.

Des said...

When Harrison was about four years old he became obsessed with the racoon dog. One night he woke me at 2:00 a.m. and demanded that I go online and research the racoon dog with him because he could not sleep until he understood more about this creature.

DianeS said...

Not crazy about the snails, as I'm not crazy about snails, but all the stuff is adorable. I liked the bunnies and the butterfly!

As for the bags. Goodness. Only two things keep me from grabbing one of the Superstar bags. One, I have a rule that I don't pay more for a purse than the amount of money I'm liable to carry in it (and $140 is *way* over that limit) and I'm not crazy about the fabrics. A nice denim solid would suit me down to the ground. Fortunately, she doesn't seem to run to that sort of thing! But it sure is tempting.