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Sunday, March 2, 2008

March into Happiness!

Tuba Boy Plays Bass in Public
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Yay, it is March, the month of my birth, the month of spring, and the month of new beginnings. I have so many to share right now that I have an over-abundance of potential blog photos. If I have no photo time next week, then, no problem!

First, here's Tuba Boy, once again performing at the church, but look, he's using a different low-pitched instrument! Today was his first public bass performance. He is playing a Red Hot Chili Peppers song, along with the rhythm guitarist. There was also a fine drummer, lead guitarist, and vocalist. All in high school, all not usually in rock bands. But, they sounded great (I guess--we missed the prelude due to a combination of Lee's usually charming lack of urgency getting places and the fact that they started extra early). But, I did get to hear this song. The dad of the lead singer said he'd never heard the boy sing before--that must have been interesting! And lead guitar kid was worried because he's really studied classical guitar more than electric. But, they were all fine!

The high school students did their annual service this year, and I was glad that at least Tuba Boy participated. He also lead the "Joys and Concerns" section of the service, and was good, though he read at about twice the speed the words should have been said. It was a lot of fun to listen to the things the students prepared--they'd obviously put in a lot of thought to the puppet show about the 7 UU principles and the three little mini-services. It was a little hard for me and Lee, professional educators of adults, to hear the last speaker proclaim that grown-ups are all finished learning and just work, until they retire and someone takes care of them. Hmm, all those people who started to knit with me showing them how must have been doing some other activity besides "learning." And I am not sure why we waste our time with all those modules and exercises in our jobs. Actually, it was sweet to see how an inexperienced background could lead to such conclusions, but I am sure some "lifelong learners" in the crowd were glad, like we were, that the sermon didn't have a "talk back" feature.

Everyone was so nice to me about getting a job, and we met a very interesting new person, so it was just a fine church day. It was a fine weekend, too. I had fun teaching both an adult to knit and a teen to crochet on Saturday (and both seemed to "learn" something).

And last night Lee and I went to a house concert of musicians we enjoy, Karen Mal and Ken Gaines. (Of course, I had to endure my own internal trip down memory lane in the Karen Mal department...she sure has cropped up a lot for someone I barely know.) The concert was nice, and we got to talk to a lot of friends in a more relaxed than usual context. Lee may even get some bass gigs, himself!

Now we are off to our own gig in a bit. Going to do an open mike thing at BB Rovers in our "Trey Bone" persona. I am so glad that Austin set it up. He promised he would, and he did! Yay him.

I am getting ready for my big day tomorrow, too. Of course, the day I have to trek all over a college campus, it is supposed to rain. Just hope I catch the bus successfully! I will report back when I can, but probably not tomorrow since I appear to have something to do from 6 am until 9 pm.

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