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Friday, February 29, 2008

Fun with Mass Transit!

Getting ready to start the Exciting New Job (hopefully my LAST new job for the foreseeable future), my main concern has been getting there and back. So, I have been taking my last couple of "free" days to figure all that out, so I can have a nice weekend.

Yesterday, Beccano and I managed to find where I would drive to in order to catch the bus. At left is a photo of it, sort of, and you can read about it here. It was a bit hard to find, because it's off the main road. It's off the main road because it is ON the railroad tracks that I'd forgotten were there. It is at the end of a road I'd never been on before. The facility is beautiful, with lots of trees, and a really lovely station, benches and such. The lot was not completely full, but was not empty either, which is a good sign. People are using it! The best part? We found out the road the station is on goes through to yet another road I never went down (because I thought it dead ended). It doesn't, so we also found a new short-cut to lots of shopping, one that lets us avoid the toll road and some congestion. We were really proud of ourselves for finding all this.

I bought Beccano (home sick from school but better by the afternoon), AKA the Boy in Black, some new black jeans and a black dress shirt, because he really wanted them. He also picked out a really interesting dark purple tie. He will now look nice at any and all band performances and competitions. I also got myself two new pairs of jeans for work. Yay for working in jeans. Wednesday I had gotten my hair colored and a few new tops at Penneys, so I didn't go wild, but it was nice to shop again.

Today I called the transit folks to make sure I knew where to get the bus going back home, and that was excellent. It's very close to where I'll be. Practically as close as the parking garage was at the previous place. Still, I'll get some exercise, and that is nice. I also found out that YES, the bus DOES have wi-fi. How civilized can it get??? So I may still get to read blogs and write here!!

I IMed with my friend and former coworker who works at the Univ. of Illinois and we both had nothing but good job news to share. This shocked us both. We are so used to complaining to each other. What a nice change!! Apparently the change has made me use multiple punctuation marks, but otherwise I don't think it's damaged me.


Lee said...

And it was so much fun teaching him how to tie that tie. He learned amazingly quickly. It took me years to get results as good as his third attempt--at least to get them consistently.

nyjlm said...

woohoo! sounds like a great practice run.