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Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Questions

Friday's Feast is having technical difficulty, so I am answering the questions Stephanie answered from the "Five on Friday" site.

1. Cake or pie?
I am a big fan of very moist cakes with rich frosting. And pound cake.

2. What is your favorite kind of candy?
Milk chocolate caramels.

3. Do you actually like conversation hearts?
Nope. Didn't like Necco wafers much either as a child, though I loved their colors.

4. Would you prefer chocolates or flowers from a loved one?
Ooh, that's tough. Probably flowers. I know they are ephemeral, but I get such enjoyment out of them. Even all the dried ones we have all over the house now. The roses hold up really well. I think the dessicated alstroemerias need to go. Bonus photo is of non-dead alstroemerias.

5. What is the sweetest thing someone has ever done for you?
That covers a lot of years and a lot of sweetness. I can remember some unsolicited gifts I received when I was going through a rough time...none was sweeter than any other. I guess, though, that Lee agreeing to be with me was the sweetest thing anyone ever did, though that plaque Tuba Boy gave me for Yule this year is WAY up there among the Sweetest Thing list, too!

Lenten Ventin'

Why are males incapable of removing their socks without forming a tightly scrunched ball? Today is laundry day. This means at least 30 sweaty, dirty socks in balls (assuming Beccano actually changes his socks) that I must touch quite intensely in order to straighten them out for cleaning. I know how to take off socks and shake them out flat to put in the hamper. I don't think it's my X chromosomes that taught me that.

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Lee said...

Just a slight correction, my love: Your Lenten Ventin' question should refer to adolescent males and males who do not do their own laundry. I would expect it would apply to anyone of either gender who did not do laundry or didn't care about getting things clean, but I have no experience with females of that sort. You may notice that my socks tend to get elongated as I try to avoid the scruchy sock situation. XXOOOXX