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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Job Seeker Blog #9

New Office Blinds
Originally uploaded by sunasak
This picture is of the new wood blinds we put in the home office. We really needed them, especially while I worked from home for all those years. But I won't need them as badly now.

Because, at last, I have a job, at least for a while. I got offered the ALE position I interviewed for yesterday. They didn't even do the second interview, just called and said did I still want it. Since no one else has begged me to show up and certainly not at that rate of pay, I said, "Sure." I've already got all my paperwork faxed in, and will start on March 2, just before my dad's visit, which is sort of a bummer. But, he'll be glad I have at least 9 months of work!

I do hope a permanent position comes along, but this is something I know how to do and isn't terribly stressful. I am truly relieved, because, folks, I about lost it yesterday. The clutch went out on Tuba Boy's new car, and the thought of having yet another large expense that my dwindling savings would have to cover, plus a whole lot of obligations I was not able to work out to a good compromise, plus the worst sinus headache in recent memory...alll that just about made me go BOOM.

I sure am glad I can write a happier post. I really appreciate how Lee has helped me through this. It's been hard. And he installed those wooden blinds nicely, too.


Saranda said...

Woohoo!! I'm still sending out those permanent job vibes.

The wooden blinds look super. Well done.

Lee said...

I know you don't believe me, but most of the time you are so-o easy to deal with. Maybe it's just love. And I know the job thing makes you feel better, too.

Des said...

Yeah! Yippeeee! Hip Hip Hooray!

nyjlm said...

yeah for employment! here's to a permanent position coming along soon, and to continued happier days.

btw, if Lee is ever looking for another garage to organize I know exactly where he can go to find one! You're awesome Lee.

DianeS said...

Yes! If nothing else comes of it, it gives you an opportunity to really organize and give a good start to the knitting consulting idea. I'm thrilled for you. (And if Lee finishes on nyjim's garage, I've got one that could use some work, too. Maybe he could start a garage organizing business!(g))