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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Two Steps Forward

Garage Perfection
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I've been looking for some happier stuff to post here, and it occurred to me that we are making some progress on the house, even with no funds to do big stuff.

Look at what Lee did to the garage workroom! You couldn't even get into it when he moved in, since the previous user just dumped things in it, and the one before that had taken a few tools then just left stuff lying around (like old bicycle tires that I did finally get rid of). Lee added a second wall of pegboard and moved the workbench to another wall, then put all sorts of storage items up. All the gazillions of roaming screwdrivers are finally hanging on a wall, as are sorted nails and screws and such. So nice to be able to easily find tools again. He's making more progress in the rest of the garage, too. It is getting VERY close to being able to hold both his motorcycle and a car. I sure would like to be able to park in the garage again! I really do appreciate all Lee's work. It's my "love language" I guess. Acts of service.

Indoors, the guest room is finally usable (will take pictures today) and we have new toilet seats (previous occupant was hard on those). And Lee has been slowly using wood putty to build up the stairs that cute li'l Rose chewed on as a puppy. Sigh, if only the furniture could get fixed...and the holes in the wall (two) that she made will get fixed when we finally get the downstairs painted--Lee is waiting for warmer weather for that. We have picked out curtains for the living and "dining" rooms, too.

The plan is currently to convert the dining room into rehearsal space, so Beccano will have a space for drums when we can get him some. We put the keyboard rack in there, and yesterday I arranged the furniture so that guitars and giant amps will fit. I will move away some of the delicate china in that room, too.

Beccano and I have been cleaning in high places, like the shelves above the high windows in the front of the house, and the light fixture in the "dining" room (now music room). That makes me feel better, somehow.

New wood blinds are in the office (bought with holiday gift cards) so winter sun blindness is a thing of the past, and Tuba Boy's computer is out. That room now has way less junk on the floor and is much more usable. Doesn't look like that job working from home will come through, but, I am ready if that does happen!

There is still a lot that HAS to be done around the house. The carpets downstairs need to be removed, thanks to dogs digging at them (not just Rose--Scrunchy did it when he was a baby, too). I would like bamboo. And the trim on the house is in bad shape. It's nice that we got the roof re-done, but the trim MUST be replaced and painted. It's what I was about to do when the job went away. That has happened twice now. The garage doors also need to be replaced. One doesn't work at all, and the other is somewhat scary in action.

Wants? There are plenty! New countertops are the biggest "want." I'd replace the kitchen floor when the others were replaced, too. Both of those are lower quality--laminate and plain. I got them with an eye to replacing later. It's almost 11 years later. Time!

But, we HAVE made progress, and I will remember that when I start to feel overwhelmed with the to do list and how dirty things keep getting (I must say, things sure are clean now that I am home so much).

Lenten Ventin': I wish all the political calls that came in were at least from the party I will vote for. I have only had ONE Democrat call. All my friends are getting calls from the Presidential candidates, but I guess I've been to quiet here in Texas! Maybe next time I will be able to do some volunteering, if they have a headquarters closer, anyway.


Shannon said...

Wow! What a garage!!!!

Tina said...

I've heard that bamboo flooring can be pretty delicate - the guys in the flooring department when I worked at Home Depot in Tulsa would recommend that people walk barefoot on it to "save" it - so that might be something to think about.

Also, last I heard, there was no Fair Trade certification, which could mean than the bamboo is harvested by underpaid Chinese labor in horrible working conditions. :(

Dragonfly said...

I'm really really tired of the phone calls and so glad that's going to stop!

Sounds like you guys are making a lot of progress