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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Lenten Ventin'

Today's photo is a KITTY!! It isn't even my kitty! It's my friend Shannon's. Looks at its cute li'l eyebrows. It is doing Cat Pose #10: Sitting with my back to you, but turning my face toward you. Shannon has threatened to initiate an "All Kitty All the Time" blog in response to my Lenten Vent on Kitties in Blogs. I'll show her. Next I will post her DOG's picture.

Today's vent is about mysterious tiny bugs. I can't figure out why tiny bugs always appear in the same spot in my kitchen. It would be reasonable if at least it were the same kind of bug. But no, it shifts. For years we would get very small ants coming into the house through the electrical outlet in the kitchen. One time Tuba Boy taped all the openings shut to stop the endless lines of anty-ness from marching to and fro, enjoying the sink water. The pest control dude put some goop in the outlet and stopped them, after the third episode. Different tiny ants still come in, but not so badly. They all want to congregate in the same area, to the left of the sink. I guess that's food and water intensive (though, honest, I clean the kitchen a lot). Then, day before yesterday NEW tiny bugs showed up. Dozens and dozens of what appear to be very small gnats. Most of them seemed to die right off. A bit of bug spray did the rest in, and I cleaned it up. Then yesterday a new batch showed up. All I can think of is that perhaps there were gnat eggs in the dirt I planted the plant beside the sink in. That is odd, since it was commercial plant stuff and I thought they sterilized it. Guess not. The plant has been there since August, though, so it's strange that the bugs suddenly showed up. I hope we have seen the last of them. They are really hard to clean up. ICK.

Not much else to report. We did get some nice wooden blinds and (ooh, hope you're sitting down) two sorely needed new toilet seats last night (now you can sit down in style at our abode). That was our combined Home Depot cards from Yule. It's so hard to see this time of year at certain hours in my office, because of the sun angle. The blinds will help. We'd hoped to use the money for something more special, but as unemployment drags on it doesn't look like I'll be able to buy home improvement items any other way.

I'll probably be taking my lace curtains down. They were from a garage sale, but were once really nice netted lace, not cheap stuff. But, they have holes in them. The poor bird will be really scared when we are working on the blinds. But I plan to get her a new bird chew and some toys, so that will make up for it!

PS: My lovely fiance read my Friday report, so he brought me both flowers and chocolates just now. And even more welcome: Baileys!! I have missed having an after dinner drink occasionally!

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Shannon said...

We used Miracle Grow (can't remember if they spell it stupidly or not)Brand Organic Potting soil when we were attempting a kitchen spice garden. The main ingredient is chicken feces (yum), and we had lots of icky gnats that seemed to enjoy performing nostril inspections. I tried getting rid of them using several different natural methods, but moving the garden outside and letting the dogs demolish it worked best.